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CarbonSense is an in-situ measurement system that helps to minimize gold solution losses in carbon-in-pulp (CIP) and carbon-in-leach (CIL) circuits by enabling reliable and repeatable online monitoring of carbon concentration.

The instrument is directly immersed in the slurry, no sample transfer is needed, and the measurement is always available for optimal carbon management.

  • Enables continuous, representative, and reliable carbon measurement
  • Supports development of efficient strategies for advanced CIP/CIL control
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Simple to install, operate, and maintain with no moving parts or sample transfer
  • Increases safety by helping to avoid blockages and other sampling issues​
CarbonSense sensor system
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Continuous and reliable carbon measurement

In-situ carbon concentration analysis

CarbonSense is an instrument for the online measurement of carbon concentration in carbon-in-pulp and carbon-in-leach applications. CarbonSense features large probes that are designed to operate continuously in the agitated area of the reactor, to ensure a highly representative analysis. This eliminates the need for potentially unreliable sampling systems and therefore makes the system robust. Because of its reference probe, CarbonSense will measure reliably even in changing process conditions.

Robust, flexible, and easy to maintain

The measurement assembly consists of an electronics box and two probes. The carbon content is measured by running a small electric current through the probes, measuring the voltage differentials between electrodes and comparing the measuring probe’s differentials to the reference probe.

Up to eight measurement assemblies per cabinet

One connection cabinet supports up to eight measurement assemblies, along with fiber-optic and copper media connections to the plant network. The system supports virtually any network topology, including star and ring configurations. It is designed to be easy to maintain, with all power supplies and fuses located in one place.

Calibration is performed with a portable calibration unit that uses authentic slurry and carbon to ensure the best possible calibration results and reliable measurement performance. As the measurement is based on the difference between the measurement probe and the reference probe, CarbonSense doesn’t require recalibration when the slurry properties change.


The continuous and reliable carbon concentration measurements provided by CarbonSense make it possible to accurately control the transfer of carbon between reactors and thus minimize gold losses. The Metso ACT Carbon Management application is designed to take full advantage of the measurement data.

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CarbonSense system

Key technical specifications

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