Metso Full portfolio Copper Arsenic Partial Roasting
Get excellent metals recovery while removing impurities like arsenic with Metso's copper arsenic partial roasting solution.

• Sulfuric acid production
• Ability to process and upgrade lower-quality ores
• Recovery of valuable metals such as antimony


Our copper arsenic partial roasting process is used for removing impurities from feed material. In this process the sulfur is only partially roasted, with the quantity depending on the concentrate analysis and the desired calcine grade. In some cases, partial roasting is used to remove almost all unwanted elements – such as arsenic and antimony –  before further treating the calcine. Special equipment is  used for cooling and precipitating arsenic trioxide, which can be produced to a very high purity. For copper concentrates, partial roasting is used as a  pretreatment step prior to the flash smelting process.

• Arsenic elimination from concentrate: 12% to < 0.3%
• Antimony elimination from concentrate: 1.2% to < 0.2%
• Feed material capacity of up to 600,000 metric tons per annum

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