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cPlant Flotation offers a cost-effective, flexible solution for tackling challenges with project budget or schedule overruns, constantly changing capacity needs, or operations in remote locations.

The flotation plant is based on pre-fabricated and functionally tested modules inside container-sized steel frames that can be easily transported and installed, and quickly connected to the process.

  • Reduced EPC project costs compared to a conventional flotation plan
  • Up to 20% lower capital investment
  • Requires 30% less labor resources
  • 95% of pre-commissioning and installation done prior to delivery
  • Minimal civil engineering work required
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The cPlant is a low-capacity flotation plant equipped with FloatForce® mixing mechanism and TankCell® technologies. The plant has been developed for projects handling up to two million tons of ore per year, with cell capacities of 1.5, 3.6, or 11 m3. Its prefabricated modules are easy and cost-effective to transport and install, and can be quickly connected to your process – keeping investment costs low.

The cPlant is the ideal solution in any of the following situations:

  • You are facing challenges with an investment project running over time and budget
  • Your capacity needs are constantly changing
  • You are processing ore from a smaller deposit in a remote location
  • You need to replace old, poorly performing flotation cells
  • You require temporary production capacity during a brownfield modernization project in order to minimize production losses

cPlant can also enable economically feasible processing of old tailings containing significant amounts of valuable metals. Once the ore body has reached the end of its economic life, the plant can be transported to a new location. The cPlant cells are delivered pre-installed in a steel frame the size of a standard shipping container, and includes piping, electrical cables, and trays. As the plant is delivered with most of the supporting structures integrated into the prefabricated unit, it requires only basic foundations. cPlant can be tailored according to the needs of your specific application, with the option to add new modules and reconfigure standard ones as required.

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