Metso Full portfolio Flotation Speed Optimization Service
Our tailor-made optimization solution optimizes the flotation wear mechanism, decreases energy consumption and maximizes metallurgical recovery.
Reduced energy consumption
Maximized metallurgical recovery
Increased rotor and start lifespan
  • Increased rotor and stator life span
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • ​​Optimal rotation speed resulting in increased metallurgical performance 
  • Maximize your flotation mechanism installed base with our deep understanding of process load 
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Ore grades are continually declining, creating the need to obtain more out of coarser and finer fractions in flotation. The current global situation urges the need to find more sustainable mining processes.

Our Flotation Speed Optimization service is a proven solution that improves the pumping and metallurgical performance in the flotation cell while minimizing energy consumption. 

We have developed a five-step plan to implement improvements that vary rotation speeds using design experiments to gather data. This data is used to provide a simulation process to assess the potential of each flotation cell to provide optimal performance using minimal energy.

Flotation Speed Optimization Service

  • Site process study
  • Metallurgical simulation using HSC® Chemistry
  • Implement best rotation speed

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