Metso Full portfolio Electrode Equipment
Metso's Outotec Electrode Equipment is designed to last with a robust structure tested in the most demanding operating conditions for uninterrupted furnace performance.
Electrode Equipment

Optimize furnace operation and enable high plant availability. The cornerstones of Metso's Outotec electrode equipment design include safety, high availability, electrical efficiency, and maintenance friendliness.

  • Lowers electrical losses thanks to high copper quality    
  • Offers a fail-safe slipping device, ensuring high availability    
  • Ensures high quality furnace gas and less stress on surrounding equipment with gas tight bottom part    
  • Eliminates leakages from copper parts with a patented cooling arrangement    
  • Provides easy installation and maintenance
Electrode Equipment

Metso's Outotec electrode equipment offers a complete system to move and slip the electrodes and transfer electrical power to the smelting process. The electrode column consists of an upper assembly and a lower assembly which are connected by a mantle. The upper part consists of a slipping device, main regulation cylinders to handle the electrode movement, and paste heaters. The slipping device is a fail-safe spring clamping system with an adjustable spring force. The design of the slipping device allows easy maintenance and reduced consumption of spare parts.

The lower section transfers electrical power through the electrode to the reduction and smelting process in the furnace. The electrical energy is transmitted from the furnace transformers to the contact shoes via water-cooled bus tubes. The lower part consists of a frame tube, heat shield, pressure ring, pressure bellows, and contact shoes.

The stainless steel frame tube is attached to the mantle of the upper electrode column with an electrically insulated joint. The frame tube supports bus tubes and cooling water pipes with insulated brackets. All copper materials are hot-rolled copper.

The hydraulic unit includes a hydraulic power pack, control panel, valves, instrumentation, and piping. The hydraulic system is designed according to the fail-safe principle. Outotec also provides the programming and software for the PLC. The electrode controls are part of the plant automation system. All equipment is electrically insulated to avoid any arcing.

Metso offers electrode equipment for all types of electrical smelting and slag cleaning furnaces, both direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC), for the processing of, for example, ferrochrome, ferromanganese, ferronickel, copper, and nickel. Ferroalloy AC furnaces are typically operated with Söderberg-type electrodes. Slag cleaning furnaces can be operated with Söderberg or graphite/carbon electrodes. For silicon metal furnaces, Metso has a compound electrode, and for small silicon metal furnaces we offer a carbon electrode. Metso offers both greenfield and brownfield deliveries, including upgrades of existing electrode equipment.

At Metso, safety is our first priority in equipment design. Our operating principles and control systems are designed to minimize the need to spend time in hazardous areas. The fail-safe principle is used to minimize damages from any failure. For example, the fail-safe spring clamping system is used in the slipping device to prevent accidents during a power failure or loss of hydraulic power. High availability is guaranteed by our equipment design as well as component and material selections. All critical components are designed to be maintenance free during normal operation. To shorten downtime after abnormal operating conditions, all critical parts are designed for easy replacement.

Energy efficiency is guaranteed by using high-purity copper in the lower part of the electrode equipment. All materials are selected to ensure longer equipment lifetime and minimize eddy-current losses.

All main components of the Metso's Outotec electrode equipment are developed, owned, and patented by Outotec. This enables seamless integration of the equipment and enables a high level of customization according to your needs. The quality of our equipment is assured as we manufacture all critical components in our own workshop in Finland. Before delivery, the Factory Acceptance Test is performed for fully assembled equipment in the machinery shop to guarantee easy assembly on site and to enable the smooth ramp-up of the plant.

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