Metso Full portfolio FloatForce mixing mechanism
Gain measurable value in metallurgical performance, energy consumption, and operating costs with a new generation mixing mechanism.

By improving flotation hydrodynamics and pumping performance at high air-dispersion rates, FloatForce enhances particle recovery in the flotation cell while at the same time reducing power consumption and the risk of sanding.

  • Enhances pumping performance and energy efficiency
  • Improves air dispersion into the process environment
  • Improves the recovery of coarser particles without compromising fine particle recovery
  • Increases wear life
  • Offers quicker, simpler, and more cost-efficient maintenance
FloatForce mixing mechanism

Rotor-stator mixing mechanism

At the heart of the flotation cell is the rotor-stator mixing mechanism, which mixes the slurry, disperses air, and generates kinetic turbulent energy. Turbulence is needed in order to accelerate the particles and give them sufficient energy to attach to the bubbles.

The FloatForce mixing mechanism improves flotation hydrodynamics, mixing at the same aeration rate and maintaining mixing at a higher air dispersion rate. Better hydrodynamics, paired with improved aeration dispersions, results in optimized metallurgical performance and recovery. The enhanced performance makes the flotation operation more flexible and gives the operator the opportunity to lower the rotation speed, contributing to a lower cost of operation.

FloatForce offers:

  • Increased bubble area flux Sb
  • Improved air-hold up volume
  • Increased suspension of coarse particles
  • Enhanced flotation cell hydrodynamics

Improve existing operations with FloatForce upgrade

Upgrading can help you improve performance levels and meet new targets. The FloatForce mechanism comes as standard on all new flotation solutions, and is also available as an upgrade service for existing installations. These include OK, SkimAir® and TankCell® equipment, as well as non-Metso flotation cells. Our service professionals deliver the complete package including the hardware, mechanical engineering, installation supervision, and metallurgical expertise.

Try out our online value calculator to see what economic and environmental benefits FloatForce upgrade can bring to your operations.

How much could you be saving?
Try out our online value calculator to see what economic and environmental benefits the FloatForce upgrade can bring to your operations.
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