Metso Full portfolio Flotation Level Control Upgrade
Improve flotation cell throughput, performance level, and reliability with a Metso Flotation Level Control Upgrade.

Flotation upgrades to help you achieve your sustainability and production targets

Increased availability


With accurate, reliable level control

High reliability


Tailor-made solutions that to increase metallurgical performance

Robust design


Flexible to capacity changes

Process stabilization


With electro-pneumatic dart valves & long-stoke actuators

  • A tailor-made solution that provides accurate and reliable level measurement and control
  • Improved availability
  • Process stabilization
  • Stable process ramp-up
  • Robustness for capacity changes

Accurate, reliable level control is key to maintaining the availability, capacity, and metallurgical performance of your flotation process. Common challenges include accounting for fluctuations in cell levels caused by changes in volumetric flow, and the high wear of parts such as plugs, sockets, and sliding components that can result in frequent unplanned maintenance.

An effective level-control system comprises a reliable and accurate measurement instrument, accurate control valves, and an optimized control system. It is generally accepted that an internal dart valve is the most efficient and reliable way to accurately control the flow of slurry out of a cell. The Metso dart valve is electro-pneumatic and has long-stroke actuators to ensure smooth and accurate control. It is constructed from robust stainless steel, with polyurethane or rubber sockets and dart plugs that have a long lifetime.

We also offer level measurement solutions such as mechanical ball floats and the state-of-the-art Metso LevelSense system, which is a low-maintenance solution that enables accurate measurement of the slurry-froth and froth-atmosphere interfaces. By upgrading your level control system with the latest  Metso technology you can improve flotation cell throughput, performance, and reliability. We offer level control upgrades for all Metso TankCell® and OK cells.

Flotation controls
Flotation controls


  • Dart valve seats, plugs, rods, and guide blocks
  • Actuator units
  • Level-measurement instrument
  • Control system with advanced control algorithms
  • Installation and ramp-up services

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