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Improve the level control of your Metso flotation cell to prevent cell overflows and draining issues, as well as improve the stability and economic performance of your process.

Flotation upgrades to help you reach your sustainability and production targets

Optimize flotation process stability & economic performance

Wide, accurate froth measurement range

Quick and easy to install and maintain

Consistent performance even with varying froth


LevelSense is a reliable, robust solution for level control designed to replace traditional ball-float measurement systems in flotation cells.

  • Improves flotation process stability and economic performance
  • Gives accurate, consistent measurement even with stiff froth
  • Operates consistently even with varying slurry and froth density
  • Allows a wide measurement range up to 1650 mm, depending on probe length
  • Installs quickly and is reliable and easy to maintain and calibrate


The LevelSense utilizes electrical impedance tomography (EIT), which allows analysis and measurement of the media inside process tanks and pipes. Measurements are based on the conductivity distribution of the media and advanced mathematical modeling.

Robust slurry level measurement

The Metso LevelSense detects the slurry-froth interface reliably through the difference in electrical properties between the two phases. Since the measurement principle doesn’t require any moving parts, the probe is much less prone to mechanical failures than traditional instruments. The probe is also immune to density changes in the slurry and can be used in applications where the froth depth would be too high for conventional methods. All these properties lead to a more stable and better-performing flotation process.

Quick and easy installation

The Metso LevelSense is designed for Metso TankCell® flotation cells, but can be used with other types of cells too. Measurement is carried out by using a probe sensor system that is mounted on top of a flotation cell to penetrate the froth and slurry phases of the cell. The accurate signal of the slurry-froth interface and froth thickness can be combined with Metso CellStation®, Proscon® or other plant process control system for improved level control.

Flotation upgrades

Accurate and efficient slurry level and froth thickness measurement in flotation cells improves level control and helps prevent cell overflows and draining issues, both common problems with existing technology. The Metso LevelSense is a reliable, robust solution designed specifically for Metso flotation cells to replace traditional ball-float measurement systems. It contains no moving parts, meaning it is extremely reliable and easy to maintain.

Metso LevelSense™ monitors slurry-froth and froth-air interfaces in flotation cells, providing a highly accurate and repeatable measurement of froth-bed thickness.

Accurate froth-bed thickness measurement allows better control over the metallurgical performance of the cell. Metso LevelSense can also monitor collapses in froth level and overflow, which improves both the stability and economic performance of the flotation process. LevelSense can be expanded with powerful tomographic analysis of froth and slurry characteristics as well as Metso Advanced Control Tools for optimizing flotation cell performance.


  • Probe sensor
  • Electronics cabinet
  • Housing
  • Installation adapter
  • Optional installation, commissioning, and training services

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