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Linear metallurgical sampler

Linear metallurgical sampler

Improved production predictability and metal-accounting transparency

The Metso linear metallurgical sampler (LMS) enables parallel sampling schedules and collection options of process samples. This enables improved production predictability and transparency of metal accounting.

Improved process audits and production transparency


Improved production predictability and control of metallurgical mass balance


Reliable and efficient production reporting with reduced need for laboratory assays


High integrity of samples and maximized equipment availability

Accurate sampling for improved process performance

The Metso linear metallurgical sampler (LMS) helps to optimize efficiency and process performance in a minerals processing plant by enabling quick and optimal process control decisions based on accurate and timely samples. The LMS features a self-diagnostic and self-cleaning system for continuous operation 24/7. This leads to collection of representative metallurgical samples for improved process audits and production transparency.

Critical components such as the primary cutter and sample launder feature and automated flushing system, which minimizes extraction and preparation errors due to blockages or contamination. The adjustable speed controlled cross cutter removes the risk of delimitation error by keeping the cutter speed consistent.

Improved production predictability and control of metallurgical mass balance

In addition to collecting materiallugical samples, the LMS can be connected to and synchronized with Metso on-line analyzers to further improve process control. The system enables collection of all sampling data for production analysis purposes.

By combining process history data with different process scenerios, the process control philosophy can be quickly adapted according to the ore type being processed. Continuous process follow up via the analyzer reduces the need for manual laboratory assays.

The local user interface shows the most recent samples and sampler status, which can be virtually synchronized with the analyzer assay results. The sample information and assay results from the on-line analyzer can be transferred to the plan automation system via communication interfaces to enable virtual predictions of mass balance calculations. 

Reliable and efficient production reporting

One of the main advanced features of the LMS is that a single unit can collect multiple metallurgical samples to suit different production reporting and management purposes. Each sample can have its own timing, and the system can manage multiple buckets. A simultaneous flexible spot sample can also be taken without any system changes.

Several sample collection schedules can be set using a bucket selector to estimate 8 or 24-hour production without any extra sample preparations.

High integrity of samples and maximized equipment availability

The linear metallurgical sampler is designed for heavy industrial applications, with high availability and versatile functions to monitor both sampling integrity and the quality of the samples. Self-diagnostics and reporting systems ensure that each sample is monitored and any possible issues flagged. Maintenance personnel can use this data to enhance predictive maintenance and spares management strategies. It can also be used as an input to plant automation systems or for remote monitoring purposes via a secure connection.

Typical scope of delivery

Metso's linear metallurgical sampler (LMS) offers the following typical scope of delivery:

  • Linear metallurgical sampler (LMS) drive unit
  • Sampler enclosure
  • Secondary sampler
  • Local control unit with user interface
Technical specifications

The Metso linear metallurgical sampler (LMS) provides the following technical specifications:

  • Integrated controls and safety
  • High performance 11 kW gear motor
  • Belt drive system
  • Mild steel construction
  • Rubber-lined wet parts
  • Stainless steel sample cutter

Standard interfaces for plant automation connectivity (Profibus, Profinet, Modbus).




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