Metso Full portfolio Metrics Monitoring for analyzers

Metrics Monitoring for analyzers

Maximize uptime with predictive maintenance and condition monitoring

Metso combines technology innovation and analytics to create Metrics Monitoring for Analyzers. The platform delivers critical event-based equipment conditions and displays operating data of your equipment.

Connected equipment and real-time monitoring to help you reach your sustainability targets

Improved sustainability


Increased energy and resource efficiency, decreased need to travel to site

Increased asset availability


By continuously tracking the health of your machine and reacting proactively

Continuous process improvements


Expert recommendations for optimized operation and maintenance

Lower overall maintenance cost


With planned maintenance instead of reactive corrective maintenance



Metrics Monitoring is a comprehensive equipment health and monitoring platform with a wide range of diagnostic and analytical reporting tools.  Identifying potential equipment problems before equipment failure minimizes unplanned downtime and productivity losses.

Operating costs can be controlled by combining accurate equipment condition measurements with streamlined service and maintenance schedules.  Metrics Monitoring is available for various assets extending the Metso digital offering across advanced instrumentation and automation solutions for a variety of assets.

Metrics Monitoring for Analyzers is available for our Courier and PSI range of analyzers.

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