Metso Full portfolio Off-line Oil Filter
Improve system reliability and minimize risks related to oil contamination with our Metso off-line oil filter for PF filters.

Filtration upgrades to help achieve your sustainability and production targets

Increased uptime


Decreased maintenance and downtime caused by hydraulic system failures

High reliability


Minimizes risks related to oil contamination

Improved lifetime


Extends the lifetime of the entire hydraulic system through cleaner oil


The mechanical operation of Metso Larox® pressure filters is based on hydraulics. 

  • Decreases maintenance and downtime caused by hydraulic system failures
  • Gives a quick return on investment
  • Increases reliability and extends the lifetime of the entire hydraulic system through cleaner oil
  • Prolongs the oil and main filter element changing interval via more efficient cleaning
  • With optional oil condition monitoring, oil quality can be followed online from the filter operator’s interface unit based on ISO-standard
metso outotec off-line oil filter

  • Continuous, efficient filtration to ensure excellent oil cleanliness
  • High contamination retention capacity
  • Sampling valve to make cleanliness level easier to check
  • The system can also be used for filtration during filling of the hydraulic system reservoir
  • Filter element change is possible without stopping the machine

This is a recommended upgrade for the Metso Larox PF filter, Metso Larox FFP filter, and Metso Larox FP filter. The scope includes: 

  • Off-line filter, ready-to-install unit
  • Engineering and product documentation
  • Programming (optional feature with oil condition monitoring)
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