Metso Full portfolio Calciner Optimizer
Combining real-time plant measurements with our profound process know-how, the Metso Calciner Optimizer ensures operational stability by continuously assessing process variables, automatically detecting and correcting detrimental process fluctuations, and calculating possible operational improvements.

The system comprises several digital modules that support process operation in alumina calcination plants.

  • Reduces specific thermal and electrical energy consumption
  • Enhances operational stability
  • Detects and corrects detrimental process conditions, such as sudden changes in hydrate moisture
  • Makes fully automated load changes
  • Increases operator’s situational awareness
Calciner Optimizer

How it works

Calciner Optimizer is a digital solution tailored to your specific process challenges. It ensures your plant and equipment operate at peak performance without the need for mechanical adjustments or redesign. You benefit from optimized process operation around the clock, leading to increased annual production and improved profitability.

How it works

Calciner Optimizer is connected to your plant’s distributed control system (DCS) and monitors all relevant process variables in real time. It uses our process know-how together with heat and mass balances to calculate the optimized process operation modes and set points.

Using detailed models of specific equipment, the system ensures that all parts of the process plant are operating optimally, either by creating targeted advice for operators or by automatically adjusting process parameters.

Compared to traditional manual operation via the DCS, the Calciner Optimizer helps you to operate the plant more efficiently. The tool exchanges information with your plant’s DCS and provides real-time assessment of the process, helping to drastically reduce the workload while increasing operational safety.

Using the operator interface in the control room, operators can quickly and easily adjust high-level process parameters, process limits, and production targets. In contrast to traditional manual operation – where the focus is only on a small subsection of the plant’s available measurements – the  Calciner Optimizer system combines many process variables in order to reach conclusions.

Product quality models are adjusted according to your specific plant and operational conditions. Integration of these quality estimation models in the Calciner Optimizer will assist your operators to match production targets.

This digital solution comprises estimations of critical process parameters, such as hydrate moisture. The valuable information it provides to operators enhances their situational awareness and reduces reaction times at critical operational events.

Calciner optimizer flowsheet

Unlock the full potential of your plant

Running your plant with the Calciner Optimizer will unlock the full potential of your existing equipment. You can expect to see several operational improvements, including:

  • Reduced thermal and electrical energy consumption
  • Better product quality
  • Improved situation awareness and fault detection
  • Minimized process fluctuation
  • Higher plant availability in the long term

While a digital solution allows remote monitoring, benchmarking reveals further plant potential to achieve operational excellence.

Process experience and simulation models

Metso has decades of experience in calciner plant manufacturing, commissioning, debottlenecking, and operation. By integrating our unrivalled process models and know-how with modern digital systems, we can help both existing and newly built calcination process plants achieve full operational potential.

Operators and shift leaders have access to detailed process know-how and benefit from real-time process analysis and optimization, fault-detection algorithms, as well as other forms of advice and support.




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