Metso Full portfolio Pyrometallurgical Pilot Tests
Develop new process innovations or tailor existing solutions with Metso's pyrometallurgical pilot tests. Our experienced process metallurgists and researchers help you validate results and define the best approach and operating parameters for actual industrial processes. From our first smelting pilot plant established in 1949, we now have numerous pilot plants with multiple furnaces worldwide, mostly operated by Metso’s PROSCON Process Control System.

Why partner with Metso?

Operational flexibility

Develop new processes or tailor existing solutions

Enhance efficiency

Quicker, more predictable plant scale-up

Expand knowledge

Ideal for training key plant personnel

  • Validates smaller-scale results obtained from laboratory tests and modeling
  • Provides an ideal atmosphere for training key plant personnel during tests
  • Makes plant scale-up easier, more predictable, and quicker
  • Comes with Metso’s integrated setup, with all necessary laboratory facilities
Pyrometallurgical Pilot Tests

  • Pilots can be from short batches to week-long continuous tests
  • Tests are operated by experienced process metallurgists and researchers
  • Pilot tests typically take place after laboratory scale testing
  • Can be used for training purposes or when training on an industrial scale is not ideal or is not possible

Pilot plant facilities are available for: flash smelting furnaces, alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) electric furnaces, Ausmelt® top submerged lance (TSL) furnaces, steam and paddle dryers, pelletizing discs, continuous and batch sintering machines, rotary and shaft kilns, and more.

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