Metso Full portfolio Thickener optimizer
Improve thickening performance by controlling the key variables of a thickener, including underflow density, the overflow solids content, and the thickener inventory level.

The Thickener optimizer overcomes the challenges of conventional single-loop controllers, and combines a multivariable, model-based controller with in-depth process knowledge to stabilize and optimize thickener performance.

  • Sustained higher underflow density
  • Improved overall thickener performance
  • Stabilized thickening process with variable feed
  • Reduced flocculant consumption and cost
  • Reduced operator time for manual work

Improving process stability is the key to process control. Thickening is, by nature, a slow process with multiple variables influencing process performance. For example, when the feed mass flow and its properties change, timely adjustments are needed to maintain a stable output. This requires a good understanding of process dynamics and overall process behavior.

Traditionally, thickener controls are implemented as single-loop controllers in plant control systems. Based on our experiences from numerous thickener installations, this approach has several drawbacks, which easily lead to sub-optimal process performance. The Thickener optimizer overcomes these limitations, and combines our thickening experience with a multivariable, model-based controller. The Thickener optimizer is based on our proven proprietary APC platforms.

The Thickener optimizer controls:

  • Underflow density
  • Overflow solids content
  • Thickener inventory level

The Thickener optimizer utilizes measurements available from the process, and manipulates the underflow pumping rate and flocculant dosage to maintain a stable process. Information from the thickener feed line – the input flow rate and slurry density – is used when available. To avoid critical rake loads, the rake torque is also taken into account.


  • Concentrate thickeners
  • Thickened tailings
  • Paste thickeners
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