Metso Full portfolio 12 Month thickener support service
Thickeners can present operators with many challenges including those related to process conditions such as changing ore characteristics and increased throughput requirements. Additionally, equipment availability and reliability is paramount so that the thickener role in the plant process does not hinder overall performance. It is therefore vital to take a comprehensive services approach with capable personnel for optimal plant operation with accessible operational support.
  • Expert and priority support under contract
  • Reduce risk of unplanned stoppages
  • Targeted performance advice
  • Safer operations
  • Capable personnel for plant operation
  • Priority support
12 Month Thickener Support Service

  • Recommendations to maintain and ensure thickener availability and performance
  • Observations on thickener operations
  • Spare part consolidation and rationalisation
  • Opportunities for improvement

An important aspect of the service is the on-the-job training and knowledge transfer which can occur during each of the on-site interactions which will occur during the contract period. This helps to develop competency on site for continuing thickener operations.

  • Expert Advice Service
  • Quarterly visits by a Metso technician
  • Process Review
  • Spare parts audit
  • Annual thickener inspection

Our 12 month thickener support service is designed to support thickener operations from a mechanical and process perspective. Our service incorporates elements focused on plant availability, process optimisation for existing conditions and improved site competency for thickener operation.

Engaging our experienced experts delivers site knowledge and learnings from across our organisation, providing increased assurance in thickener operations and performance.

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