Metso Full portfolio Thickener SCD Split Ring Series
Geared slewing bearings are crucial components of the Centre Column drive and critical for the efficient operation of any Metso thickener. The SCD split ring series has been designed to meet the same capacity as the original slewing bearings, offering drastically reduced plant downtime and ensures continued operation of the thickener.

Parts that perform better and last longer to help you reach your sustainability targets

Increased uptime


Two part design allows for quick change out 

Ease of maintenance


No need to remove or lift the bridge and no long reach crane required

Longer lifetime


Design life of up to 60 000 hours

  • Minimal downtime due to quick change design
  • No need to remove or lift the bridge
  • No long reach crane required
  • Suitable for existing SCD dimensions

The geared slewing bearing is the connecting element between the static column and the rake cage of the mechanism delivering torques of up to 14,500,000 Nm.


Our unique SCD split ring series design, offers faster, safer and easier replacement of the slewing bearing in the drive unit with the following features:

  • Can be replaced without the need to remove the bridge and feedwell.
  • A long reach, a high capacity crane is not required.
  • Superior shelf-life by individually protected components.

The thickener SCD split ring series allows in-situ replacement of existing rings without the need to remove or disassemble the bridge. The two-part design also allows delivery via the existing bridge monorails, eliminating the need for large cranes.  The SCD split ring performs better and lasts longer to help you reach your sustainability targets

Transport & Storage

  • Reduced transport dimensions allow for a more economical method of transport and allow full containerization.
  • The split ring components are individually protected and sealed for long-term warehouse storage.
  • The protection of individual parts, as opposed to a fully assembled ring, provides excellent long-term storage capability while requiring less warehouse space.

Technical Information

Available sizes
Available sizes
  • SCD2000 split ring
  • SCD3000 split ring
  • SCD4000 split ring
  • SCDH4500 split ring


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