compact-sized pellet plant

Compact-sized Pellet Plant

Industry’s leading pelletizing technology now for smaller capacities

Metso is offering Compact-sized Pellet Plant, which is based on a 3 meters wide indurating machine. The compact-sized plant offers the same high performance and premium product quality as the larger size plants.

Highly standardized engineering

Optimized plant layout

Modular and flexible configuration

Minimized CAPEX/OPEX and short delivery times

Standard plant sizes
  • 189 m²: 1.20 – 1.50 Mtpy
  • 288 m²: 1.75 – 2.30 Mtpy
  • 315 m²: 2.00 – 2.60 Mtpy
Standard plant sizes

The future of pelletizing is 3 meters wide

In the early days of the pelletizing technology, pellet plants were small-sized. The first pellet plants had an indurating machine width of 2.5-3 meters and annual capacities in the range of 1 million tons of pellets.

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand in the market for plants with smaller capacities. This would allow mining companies to expand their value chain and support decentralized steel-making concepts like mini mills. Metso Compact-sized Pellet Plant answers this demand.

The new Compact-sized Pellet Plant design is cost efficient with optimized delivery time, thanks to the high standardization in design and project execution. At the same time, the design provides the required flexibility in order to cater to typical customer demands.

Plot plan of Metso’s smallest plant size with an induration furnace of 189 m² reaction area
Plot plan of Metso’s smallest plant size with an induration furnace of 189 m² reaction area
Full value chain
Full value chain

Metso offers the full value chain for the Compact-sized Pellet Plant. To be able to offer plants with minimum investment cost, Metso has standardized the design and project execution. Optionally, the customers can choose to customize the basic layout with add-on packages:

  1. Base package, standardization (average commissioning time of 16-18 months)
    • Basic engineering
    • Mechanical equipment
    • No customization
  2. Add-on package, customization (average commissioning time of 21-24 months)
    • Process engineering
    • Digital solutions
Compact-sized pellet plant
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