Metallic mill liners

Metallic mill liners

Suitable for autogenous mills, semi-autogenous mills, ball mills, rod mills and Vertimills™

Metallic mill linings are the traditional linings familiar to most mines. Improve uptime and maximize your grinding performance by using Metso's high-quality steel mill linings with an optimized design.


Maximized uptime

Long wear life and a perfect fit

Increased throughput

Tailor-made design for optimum performance and mill utilization

Ease of maintenance

Fast and safe installation due to optimized mill liner installation systems and methods

Improved sustainability

High-performing parts improve efficiency, and long-lasting liners mean fewer parts are needed

Optimized design

Metso metallic mill linings are always designed with one thing in mind: to maximize performance and minimize replacement time.

The solution offers total freedom of design and the possibility to optimize your lining based on operating data and liner handler capacity. Using linings of a modern design and maximized size minimizes the number of liners needed – and thereby your downtime.

We have made the world’s largest liners, weighing 8 tons. 

Metallic mill liners
Metallic mill liners
Own foundries ensure reliable linings

Metso metallic mill linings are produced at our own foundries. Our chromium molybdenum steel and high-chromium white irons are specially developed for mill lining applications and are carefully selected based on the operating conditions of each mill.

Our foundries apply strict quality assurance programs at every phase of research, development, design and production. This ensures high and uniform quality for the entire supply. Precise dimensions and close tolerances guarantee that your mill lining has a perfect fit.

Combine for better results

Our ability to combine different liner materials inside the same mill and in different sections enables us to further optimize your grinding process. Unlike most other suppliers, we can complement our metallic liners with synthetic liners when suitable. Using each lining material where it performs the best makes it possible to achieve results, such as reducing the mill’s overall weight, balancing wear life for synchronized maintenance intervals, and minimizing risk for cracking and pegging. To enable this agility and adaptability, our own product engineering and production teams are essential. This is what sets Metso apart from the rest.
Custom designed
Perfect fit
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Metallic mill liners
Continuous improvement

Metso offers mill linings with materials and designs optimized for each specific application. We work closely with our customers and carefully follow their process to make sure the lining we supply is always optimized for current operating conditions. We can design and supply mill linings for all types of mills - for Metso mills as well as for competitor mills - and for all parts in the mill. Our wide product range, innovations, knowledge and experience make us unique. Our approach to lining design is focused on grinding performance, mill uptime and safety/sustainability.

Services for grinding

Metso offers a full portfolio of parts, services, and equipment to ensure that you get the best out of your grinding process and reach your production and sustainability goals.

More than a lining

When buying a mill lining from Metso you get more than just a wear part. We always do a pre-study and design the lining based on your conditions and targets. Wear and performance monitoring are regularly done to better understand your grinding process and to optimize the lining accordingly. Technical support is offered, and we arrange product and process training, as well as technical development meetings, for our loyal customers.

Read more on wear monitoring.

Installation and reline

Our experienced engineers oversee the safe and timely installation of Metso-supplied parts. Our experts adhere to the most stringent safety standards and are highly trained in OEM workmanship, allowing for a high-quality installation. If necessary, Metso can also guarantee the amount of downtime needed to perform wear part changeouts.

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Grinding circuit optimization

Metso process experts help in solving complex operational issues using analytical techniques, laboratory testing, and advanced control systems. Whether you need to optimize a piece of equipment, a circuit, or your entire plant, we have the tools and technology to help you make it happen.

Read more on Process optimization and controls.

Life Cycle Services

Metso’s pre-packaged solutions are designed to assist you in meeting your business goals, from start-up to shutdown to end-of-life. We can support you on a specific activity or over a larger scope, combining elements from our large portfolio of services with unique commercial models.

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