Metso Full portfolio Mill Equipment Transporter
The Metso Mill Equipment Transporter (MET) is a remotely controlled solution for the safe, reliable, and efficient transportation of mill feed chutes and other large or heavy equipment during maintenance procedures such as mill relining.

Mill Equipment Transporter is equipped with a variety of safety features to monitor loads and is backed by a comprehensive range of support services.

  • Protects personnel from unnecessary risk due to load instability or unexpected machine movement
  • Provides feedback during operation with machine status and other information shown on a user-friendly display
  • Compatible with smaller mill deck designs than traditional feed chute transporters
  • Backed by comprehensive after-sales support via Metso’s global service network
Mill Equipment Transporter

Safe, reliable, and efficient transportation of challenging loads

Transportation of grinding mill feed chutes is a critical part of maintenance procedures such as mill relining. The Metso MET is a specialized mobile unit for the safe and reliable transportation of feed chutes and other challenging loads. Four jacking cylinders lift the load off the ground and a highly maneuverable drive system transports it around the mill deck. Large rubber tires ensure even load distribution and minimize mill deck structural requirements.

Industry-leading safety features

Built-in safety systems ensure that loads are kept within the unit’s rated capacity while monitoring the load’s center of gravity to ensure stability. The operator is warned if the load is at risk of becoming unstable, and any unexpected movements result in a rapid shutdown. The control system also monitors hydraulic machine movement to ensure the hydraulic functions are performing as expected.

Highly accurate control

The combination of independently driven wheels and independently controlled rear steering enable the Metso MET to turn on the spot. The pivoting rear axle ensures that all four wheels are always in contact with the deck, while the large rubber tires optimize load distribution.

User-friendly interface

The built-in multi-language display makes it easy for operators to monitor the machine’s status and review any system alerts. This reduces time spent on diagnostics and provides simple verification that spare parts are installed correctly. Data logging to a USB drive is provided as standard and remote connectivity is available as an optional extra.

Comprehensive service support

As your service partner, we ensure that every solution has the maximum impact on performance and productivity throughout your mill’s entire life cycle.

Our services portfolio includes:

  • Full mill reline equipment packages including a MET, mill reline machine, bolt hammers, and support tooling
  • Equipment inspection, maintenance, and training services
  • Remote troubleshooting support
  • OEM spare parts and spare parts advisory services, and easy online parts identification and ordering

Mill Equipment Transporter specifications

Please note that the figures below may vary depending on the delivery scope. Contact your local sales representative for exact figures.

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