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Spare and wear parts for stirred mills

Consistent spare and wear part performance with maximized wear life

As you strive to achieve better grinding performance and profitability, the spare and wear parts used in your mill greatly influence productivity and sustainability outcomes. Metso offers a complete range of wear parts specially developed for each specific mill type.

Why choose Metso stirred mill spare and wear parts?

OEM quality

We built your machine. We know what parts it needs.

Lower maintenance costs

Consistent spare and wear part performance and maximized wear life, leading to up to 45% better energy efficiency. 


Safe and fast installations.

Full support

We are here to assist from choosing spare and wear parts, to installation, service, and beyond.

Longer wear life and excellent performance

Vertimill offers an energy efficient and reliable grinding technology that maximizes productivity and profitability. Metso spare and wear parts provide longer wear life and excellent performance to help meet sustainability targets and keep your operations up and running even in the most challenging conditions. Our strirred mills spare and wear parts are designed to the same specifications and exacting standards as our grinding equipment, ensuring equipment compatibility for reliable and safe operation.

Spare and wear parts for Vertimill®
Spare and wear parts for Vertimill®

We offer a complete range of liners and spare and wear parts to protect and optimize the grinding efficiency of your Vertimill®.

  • Screw liners (wear liner and end liner), that protect the permanent screw from the wear
  • Wear cap, that protects the screw shaft from wear
  • Orebed™ shell liners, that protect the inside wall and the door

The liners are made of carefully selected wear-resistant alloys for longer wear life and excellent performance. Safe lifting methods are available for all situations.

When to change Vertimill liners? 

Maintaining your Vertimill 

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Spare and wear parts for HIGMill

The drum segments and components have been designed to make maintenance simple and maintenance intervals long for more sustainable operation. The casing is flanged vertically, allowing it to be split down the center into two halves and moved apart on a railing system. After exposing the internals, changing discs and liner segments can be done individually. 

Disc wear is even around the circumference. Wear is faster in the bottom part and typically the lowest discs are replaced a few times before the total set is changed. For a total set change, a spare shaft, ready for installation, is an option. Components are lined with polyurethane or rubber depending on the application. 

  • Grinding rotors
  • Shell liners
  • Stator rings
  • End cap
  • Bottom liner
Spare and wear parts for HIGMill
Spare and wear parts for Stirred media detritor (SMD)
Spare and wear parts for Stirred media detritor (SMD)

All spare and wear parts have been designed for optimal wear life and consistent performance, which gives predictability. Implellers and side liner are made of rubber and retaining screens polyurethane.  

SMD is easy, safe and cost-effective to maintain when needed thanks to simple design and the ability to change all spare and wear parts through access doors. 

  • Impeller arms and end plate
  • Mill body liners
  • Base liners
  • Media retention screens
  • Attachment parts


Maintenance tools

We offer specialized maintenance tools to help enhance safety and facilitate access to mill parts during relining and maintenance operations.

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Maintenance tools
VTM particle analyzer and drive upgrade
VTM particle analyzer and drive upgrade

The drive upgrade for the energy efficient Vertimill® delivers the follwing benefits:

  • Advanced process control packages to increase revenue and decrease costs
  • Accurate and rapid flexibility (100% more PSD testing per day)
  • Fast customer return on investment (weeks)
  • Potential for remote monitoring
  • Reduced energy consumption

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Vertimill® door actuator
Removing charge from your Vertimill® can be a slow and risky process, even when using a ball bin and unbolting the door.

Metso’s door actuator upgrade helps you open your stirred mill door in a controlled way for safer and more efficient maintenance. The hydraulically operated actuator has a symmetrical design and is simple to install with minimal modification to your mill.

Vertimill® door actuator

Keep your mill up and running now and in the future

When buying spare and wear parts from Metso, you get more than just a spare wear part. We optimize the parts for sustainbilty and to match your grinding application and targets. Wear and performance monitoring are regularly done to better understand your process and also to develop the design further for additional improvements. 


We also offer maintenance and repair services to extend or maximize the performance of your grinding mill and our field service technicians and technical support are always there for you. 


Metso's pre-packaged solutions are designed to assist you in meeting your sustainability and business goals, from start-up to shutdown to end-of-life. We can provide support with a specific activity or over a larger scope, combining elements from our large portfolio of services with unique commercial models.

mill audit packages
Brochure: 3 Audit packages for your Stirred Mills
Our packages are designed to reduce unplanned downtime, equipment failure and any risks associated with operating faulty equipment.
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