Undetected issues can lead to increased repair costs, HSE problems, unplanned downtime and production losses at your production plant.

Mill inspection packages as your road to maintenance excellence


Increase production time and reliability


Reduce maintenance and downtime 


Maximize equipment performace


Preventive maintenance enhances safety

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Avoid undetected issues

With commodities at peak prices, you will want to push your grinding mills to the limit. This may cause issues that can go undetected, such as:

  • Drive train misalignment
  • Damaged gear & pinion teeth
  • Wash inside the mill
  • Foundation and soleplate degradation
  • Bearing & gear lubrication system problems and leaks
  • Structural failures: shells, heads, gears, trommels, etc.
  • Missing or broken bolts on joints or liners
  • And many others

These can lead to increased repair costs, HSE problems, unplanned downtime and production losses at your production plant.

We offer three progressive mill inspection packages to check the health of your horizontal grinding mills, detect problems early and meet your sustainability goals. Each package consists of additional inspection points that include summary reports with the collected data and expert recommendations.
Our Grinding Mill Inspection packages can help you save between 200.000 and 1.000.000 Euro per day of unplanned mill failure.
Grinding Mill Inspection service
Grinding Mill Inspection Package 1



Detect issues early for improved reliability

  • OEM visual inspection of the mill with temperature, pressure, and flow readings
  • Catch cracks, drivetrain misalignment, oil contamination, vibrations, missing bolts, equipment condition and more
  • Performed with 1 shift with mill running and 1 shift with mill stopped
  • Historical data helps predict mill component performance over time
  • Detailed future inspections recommended if needed
Grinding Mill Inspection Package 2



Aimed at improving mill integrity

  • Includes above Mill Visuals and Vitals inspection


  • OEM inspection with guards and covers removed
  • Additional tests, measurements, and services
  • Mechanical adjustments and critical torque verifications
  • Ultrasonic thickness verification of the trunnion journals to detect wash under the trunnion liners
  • Performed with 1 shift running and 4 shifts stopped
Grinding Mill Inspection service
Grinding Mill Inspection services
Grinding Mill Inspection Package 3



For improved grinding mill longevity

  • Complete OEM mill inspection, customizable for your machine
  • Additional inspections, measurements and services performed including:
    • Gear wash
    • Gear and pinion inspection
    • Core sampling survey
    • UT inspection of flanges and wall thicknesses
  • Metso engineers present retrofit designs and procedures, if required
  • Performed in 1 shift with mill running and 6-8 shifts with mill stopped
3 Inspection packages
Discover potential issues before they turn into real problems

Extended warranty

Equipment failures are always preventable with proper component care and maintenance. To keep your grinding mill running for optimal performance, Metso offers an extended warranty coverage program to expand basic coverage from design and manufacturing to also include installation, operation, maintenance and storage. The program expands basic coverage on heavy engineered replacement products for up to 120 months. Protect your investment with confidence.

Learn more about Metso's extended warranty program >

Digital gear inspections
Accurate digital inspections of the entire girth gear are performed quicker than any other inspection method available!
Girth gear cleaning and flushing
A fundamental aspect of maintenance to control the risk of contamination, ensure quality and plant safety.
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