Flotation inspections in mining

Flotation inspections in mining

Your road to maintenance excellence

Get fast, accurate information about the condition of your equipment, recommendations for maintenance, and improved operation with Metso systematic flotations inspections in mining.

Flotation services to help you achieve your sustainability and production targets

Higher flotation availability
Reduced maintenance costs
Increased production
Preventive maintenance and proactive repairs
  • Higher flotation availability
  • Better process results
  • Increased production due to fewer stoppages
  • Preventative maintenance and proactive repairs
Flotation inspection package 1



Detect issues early for improved reliability

Inspection requires approximately 30 minutes per cell with flotation running, no downtime required.  The recommended frequency of this inspection package is 3-4 times per year.

  • OEM visual inspection of the flotation during operation
  • Catch safety hazards, flotation results, leakages, bolt tightness, temperatures, vibrations
  • Historical data helps predict flotation component performance over time
  • Detailed future inspections recommended if needed


Flotation inspection package 1
Flotation inspection package 2
Flotation inspection package 2

Flotation mechanical verification


Overall detailed condition of the flotation cell

Visual and vitals inspection requires approximately 30 minutes per cell with flotation running.  Mechanical verification inspection requires approximately 30 minutes (excludes drainage time) per cell during shutdown.  The recommended frequency for this inspection is 1-2 times per year.

  • Includes the Flotation Visuals and Vitals inspection
  • OEM inspection with guards and covers removed
  • Additional tests, measurements and services
  • Mechanical adjustments
Flotation inspection package 3



Includes additional checks and adjustments

1 hour (excluding drainage time) required to conduct the visual and vitals and mechanical verification inspections. Additional time may be required on a case-by-case basis.

  • Level control
  • Instruments
  • PID control loop
  • Reagents
  • Instrument air system
Flotation inspection package 3

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