Heavy duty shredder with intelligent design


The PS series feed chutes are designed with replaceable chute liners and feature state of the art, heavy duty, hydraulically driven double feed roll assemblies. The shredding chambers in the PS series feature a removable, pinned front wall for maximum wear life and ease of maintenance.

New generation lower bottom grates are designed for long wear life as well as op- timal density and throughput. Both open disc and “helmet spider rotor” options are available in the PS series.

All PS series ferrous downstreams feature options for magnetic separation, with or without air assist. In conjunction with the water injection system, downstreams pro- duce the most consistent, clean shredded products on the market.


  • Heavy duty fabrication designed to handle the rigors of today’s challenging scrap
  • Ferrous downstreams that feature the industry’s most reliable magnetic and air
    separation systems
  • Cutting-edge “Autopilot” control system to maximize throughput, casting wear life, and non-ferrous metal recovery
  • Non-ferrous systems in a range of designs from simple to maximum metals recovery capability

It  is all about the scrap quality

The Texas Shredder™ PS at work

The Texas Shredder™ PS line is designed to process all traditional shredder feedstock, including white goods, whole automobiles, bales, shredder logs, and some structural members.

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