Slurry pumps

The handling of Mining and Aggregate slurries is a very punishing application that can have a major impact on plant productivity and efficiency. As global demand and competition continue to grow, it is more important than ever for producers to find reliable partners with solutions focused on improving the bottom line.

Lowering the operating cost

For operators today, the primary slurry pump challenges are to minimize the total cost of ownership and to ensure uptime is maintained.  There are many contributing factors to total ownership costs beyond the initial cost. Energy efficiency, throughput, wear life, and the cost of service and parts all contribute to the calculation. Most important of all is uptime. Premature pump failure can bring an entire plant to a halt resulting in production losses, which should be factored into the pump’s true cost.

Specifying the wrong pump or not optimizing pump performance will negatively impact energy and wear parts consumption; these inefficiencies and the associated costs compound over the life of the pump. Considering that over 90% of a pump’s cost is energy and wear parts usage, even small efficiency gains will quickly offset differences in the operating cost of the pump. Selecting the ideal pump for process conditions is critical for baseline efficiency, while specifying a pump that allows for periodic hydraulic and impeller adjustments to maintain Best Efficiency Point throughout the life cycle of the pump will provide further cost savings.

Maintenance and service costs, along with the uptime you get out of a pump will have a huge impact on the total cost of ownership. The base cost of parts and service has an obvious impact, while proximity and immediacy of technicians and parts can play an even more critical role, as slow deployment of resources will prolong downtime.

Engineering for your application

Metso supplies a total solution to slurry pump applications from consultative services, start up support, wrench-turning service and innovative product solutions optimized specifically for each customer’s application. From product selection and technical support to comprehensive service agreements, Metso is more than a vendor: we’re a partner in our customers’ success.

Metso products and services are designed to help you maximize efficiency and lower operating costs. Our decades of application experience and proprietary selection software PumpDim help customers select the best pump from our broad range of products. To maximize wear life and efficiency we consider factors including process medium, inlet velocity, particle size and other variables unique to each customer’s process. The result is a highly efficient pump manufactured with the most ideal materials of construction for each application.

Metso also helps customers minimize maintenance costs and maximize uptime through our strategically placed global service centers. Our service network offers responsive technical expertise and inventory that’s never too far away. We work with customers to proactively contain maintenance costs through thoughtful planning and training of on-site staff to periodically optimize impeller settings and improve hydraulic performance.

Find a partner in Metso

With a wide range of innovative products, efficient maintenance and service solutions and deep technical expertise, Metso is uniquely equipped to become part of your competitive advantage.

Prolong pump life and process uptime

Reduce maintenance costs

Maintain optimum operating efficiency

Reduce energy consumption

Discover the Metso advantage

With demand and competition on the rise it’s time to discover the solution with the lowest total cost of ownership: Metso. Learn how we work with customers to identify challenges and develop solutions that support profitability.