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Vertical slurry pumps at a customer site.

Vertical slurry pumps

Industry leader in vertical pumping efficiency

Vertical slurry pumps are highly configurable pumping equipment designed to reduce maintenance and operating costs. They require less floorspace than horizontal pumps and wear parts are available in hard metal or rubber.

Pump for any need

Sump pumps, froth pumps, tank pumps, and induced flow pumps.

Maintenance and optimization

Easily interchangeable parts. Quick service and maintenance with local inventory and deployment.

Experience of numerous applications

Mining and mineral processing, sand and gravel, dredging, copper, iron ore, diamond, alumina, coal, gold, kaolin, pulp and paper, steel, sugar, chemical, FGD, sand blending, power, construcion, tunneling.

Global expertise, local support

Pumping professionals in over 60 countries in the world.

Vertical sump pumps.
Vertical sump pumps

Vertical sump pumps are designed specifically for abrasive slurries.

Known for robustness and ease of maintenance, they are often used with floor sumps in process plants, mill scale pumping applications in steel works, as well as for pumping of machine tool cuttings and wood chips.

  • Flow rates to 1 800 m³/h – 7 900 USGPM
  • Heads up to 40 m – 130 ft

Typical applications

  • Floor sumps in process plants
  • Mill scale pumping in steel work
  • Pumping of machine tool cuttings
  • Wood chips pumping

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Vertical froth pumps

Vertical froth pumps increase the efficiency of pumping frothy slurries.

They are ideal for all applications involving handling of air entrained slurries. Used also as a mixing and distribution unit, where dry powder has to be mixed (and wetted) with water, vertical froth pumps can also be utilized with cement in ready mixed concrete and for grouting.

  • Flow rates to 1 500 m³/h – 6 600 USGPM
  • Heads up to 20 m – 65 ft

Typical applications

  • Flotation froth pumping
  • Phosphate and apatite washing plants
  • Calcium carbonate upgrading plants
  • Mixing and distribution units
  • Cement plants

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Vertical froth pumps.
Vertical tank pumps.
Vertical tank pumps

Vertical tank pumps are made for abrasive slurries. Known for robust construction and durability, vertical tank pumps are designed to be simple to maintain and easy to install. 

  • Flow rates to 700 m³/h – 3 100 USGPM
  • Heads up to 30 m – 100 ft

Typical applications 

  • Feed to dewatering cyclones in sand plants
  • Screen underflow duties
  • Sampling pumps in concentrators
  • Permanent, mobile or semi-mobile installations in industrial applications
  • Mixing/distribution units in applications for flocculent or lime in sewage plants or cement grouting in tunnels or mines

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Vertical induced flow pumps

Vertical induced flow pumps are tough general purpose slurry pumps.

Known for induced flow impellers and low attrition of pumped particles, these pumps are often used for carbon transfer in gold leaching processes and in other applications where large or long, stringy solids are handled.

Typical applications

  • Carbon transfer in gold leaching
  • Handling of large stringy solids

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Vertical induced flow pumps.

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