Metso Mining Solutions Tailings Management Solutions
With its extensive process expertise, Metso offers cutting edge technology solutions for any tailings management needs, while reducing water use, environmental impact, risks, and costs.

Unique know-how and leading process tools to help you reach your sustainability targets

Treated and recirculated process water results in lower fresh or raw water intake

Proven & leading expertise

Pre-engineered modules with single supplier delivery

Performance and capacity guarantees

Global megatrends in mining
Global megatrends in mining

The rising demand for sustainably mined materials is pushing the need for more advanced technologies.

Stricter environmental regulations are shifting the focus toward tailings management and water resource efficiency.

Modern mineral processing methods are required to improve the predictability and continuity of operations.

Introducing Tailings Management Solutions

With our extensive process expertise, we offer cutting-edge technology solutions for any tailings management needs, while reducing water use, environmental impact, risks, and costs.

Using thickening, filtration, pumps and handling of tailings by conveying & dry stacking, while treating the produced water to enable reuse, we reshape the future of tailings and drive responsible management practices.

From test work to plant design and delivery, backed by life cycle service support; our scope is configured to your project requirements, providing a sustainable and economically viable solution.

Introducing Tailings Management Solutions
End-to-end thickening, filtration, pumps and material handling portfolio
End-to-end thickening, filtration, pumps and material handling portfolio


Based on Metso IPS, HRT, HCT & PT technologies, a thickener plant dewaters the tailings from very low solids density to medium and high density.

The core is the feed system that allows the flow to settle and entrains air to escape. It also provides feed at the desired velocity to distribute the slurry evenly into the feedwell.

Our Reactorwell and Vane Feedwell provides enhanced mixing, dilution, and retention of the feed, maximizing flocculant adsorption and aggregate growth.

Advanced control systems such as the thickener optimizer also help improve the plant unit's overall performance.


Based on Larox® FFP filtration technology, the Metso filtration plant unit is specifically designed for high-volume tailings processing leading to savings in operational and maintenance costs.

The pre-engineered module can always be tailored according to the project's specific requirements.



We have a comprehensive and versatile range of slurry pumping solutions built to handle any application in slurry handling.

Not only will our slurry pumps improve slurry handling efficiency, but also minimizes operating costs and will increase the overall productivity of the entire plant.


We offer a wide range of reliable material handling equipment that equipment that is reliable and needs less maintenance.  

Our extensive conveying and stacking portfolio help in transferring material from the filter plant to the actual tailings storage facility.  

Designed with robust components, the equipment is built to last and perform under even the toughest conditions.

Mining filtration
Comprehensive, smart and sustainable dewatering solutions for the toughest mining applications in concentrates and tailings coupled with an unmatched global service portfolio and expertise.

Why choose Metso Tailings Management Solutions

  • Increased dewatering leads to higher availability of process water
  • Environmental, reputational, and legal risk management
  • Ability to manage any volume of tailings
  • Modern tailings management solutions that directly support the goal of zero harm and zero failure
  • Possibility to treat and recirculate the process water resulting in lower fresh or raw water intake
  • Decreased operational cost through water efficiency, recirculation, and recovery
  • Minimized financial risks due to reduced possibility of dam failure
  • Optimal CAPEX & OPEX balance, ensuring development of overall economic viability
  • Reduced waste management costs through MO’s extensive process expertise and holistic approach
  • Dedicated specialists with expertise in tailings-related processing, including mineralogy, geology, technology,water treatment and mining processes
  • End-to-end process plant solutions
  • Comprehensive & tailored engineering and solution design based on studies & testing results
  • Case specific equipment with market leading technology for every stage of process
  • Advanced solutions for efficient dewatering, handling & reprocessing of tailings with long service life

Seamless integration from investment to full life cycle

A four phased service approach

Our service approach offers you the support you need through each stage of your plant's entire life cycle.
1. Solution planning

1. Solution planning phase

Verifying that all your equipment meets or exceeds the operational requirements of your solution

Our comprehensive portfolio provides global competencies and skills throughout the entire life cycle of the plant. 

We provide integrated programs that include KPIs or cost-per-ton-related commitments to help our customers improve their profitability and lower their operating costs and risks.

We have strong R&D and innovation power and are continuously looking for new ways to introduce innovations for our customers’ benefit.

2. Operational planning

2. Operational planning phase

Looking ahead and arranging the activities and resources required to achieve the agreed goals

We offer trainingspare parts, pre-operational equipment testingplanningmaintenance strategyshutdown planning, and asset maintenance readiness programs to equip our customers with the tools and competencies to run their plant or opt for us to run the plant with our customizable LCS packages.

Achieve a smooth production start-up and quicker ramp-up with our installation and commissioning experts who will help to ensure your equipment performs according to agreed targets.

Our professionals have extensive experience in tailings skills capabilities, materials handling, dry-based plant, paste backfill, water testing, advisory, sizing, filter feed variations as well as variations in the environment, plant and equipment to optimize minerals processing practices.

3. Operational phase

3. Operational phase

Continuous improvement with lower costs and risks while reaching expectations

We have a global team of industry professionals who provide expert advisorylaboratory services, technology and connected services to the mining industry worldwide. 

We address challenges based on customers’ plant data such as improving recoveries, de-bottlenecking processes, increasing availability, reducing energy consumption, chemical costs and water use by optimizing the overall process. 

Our practical experience, onsite skills and in-depth data analysis with modeling capabilities create an overall picture to help you get the most out of your entire operation.

4. Modernize & extend life

4. Modernize & extend life phase

Cost-effective, innovative, sustainable solutions to the very end

Modernizing or upgrading equipment is a cost-effective and sustainable manner to update aging equipment to the latest more efficient technology and increase capacity to continue production adding to the life of your plant and profitability.

Refurbishments can restore and optimize your equipment to its original condition to continue production.

Other ways to increase the lifetime of your plant is by making use of mobile filters, reserve filters, and modular container systems which can be charged at a monthly fee to suit your timeline.

Sustainable and water efficient tailings management to help our planet

The future of mining depends on sustainable practices that contribute to the equitable development of the community and ecosystem while enabling modern life.

With the introduction of new-age dewatering technology, we are committed to offering productive and eco-efficient solutions to our customers.

We help mining companies not only to maximize water recovery but also help reduce the footprint of tailings dams.

  • Up to 90% water recovery with high-performance filters
  • Up to 85% reduced plant footprint with compact and efficient design of  Inclined Plate Settler (IPS)
  • Improved filtration efficiency into fine and coarse streams with MHC™ Series Hydrocyclone
  • Reduced reagents using thickeners with Reactorwell™ technology
Sustainable and water efficient tailings management to help our planet
Infographic reshaping the future of tailings
Do you know how our solutions are reshaping the future of tailings?
Check out our infographic to learn more!


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