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Set a new benchmark in high intensity pneumatic flotation by recovering unachievable fine and ultra-fine particles. This results in significant revenue gains for your operation, minimizes plant operating costs, energy and water consumption per metal production targets.
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concorde cell
Recover the unachievable ore value

The need to process more finely disseminated and complex ore grades, as well as declining ore grades and the demand for improved flotation selectivity, all bring new challenges to minerals processing flowsheets.

The Concorde Cell technology helps flotation circuits overcome these challenges and achieve improved efficiency in fine and ultra-fine particle recovery.

metso outotec Concorde Cell flowsheet
Concorde Cell flowsheet
Outperform recovery

The Concorde Cell is Metso’s proposition for more finely disseminated and complex orebodies. Combining the well-proven TankCell® with Concorde Cells is a low risk and high benefit approach for minerals processing flowsheets.

The Concorde technology offers a superior recovery rate for fine and ultra-fine particles. The cell produces very high shear and extremely fine bubbles which increases recovery in particles under 20 microns.

Key features

• High energy dissipation and smaller bubble size distribution produced by supersonic shockwaves
• Forced air allows higher air-to-pulp ratios
• Internal tailings recycling and integrated level control independent of flotation air control

metso outotec concorde cell
metso outotec concorde cell blasttube
Technology leap

The patented Concorde technology is the first fine and ultra-fine solution for complex and previously inaccessible ores types within various mineral processing flowsheets (e.g. gold, copper, nickel, platinum, silver, lead, zinc and molybdenium).

The Concorde forced air Blast Tubes treat 100% of fresh feed combined with tailings recycling for improved performance, so it allows for finer grinding to get extra liberation without the risk of valuable particles being reported into tailings.

Reclaim resources

Concorde Cell™ joins Planet Positive portfolio

The Concorde technology enables efficient use of earth´s resources with increased recovery of fines and smaller plant footprint, helping miners to minimize energy and water consumption per metal production targets.

The Concorde Cell is part of the Planet Positive portfolio, which focuses on the most environmentally efficient technologies (>100) in our portfolio.

concorde cell planet positive
Concorde Blast Tube™ upgrade
Improve the metallurgical performance of your existing self-aspirated pneumatic flotation cells



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