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Reciprocating conveyors

Consistent and uniform pellet feed for reliable performance

Reciprocating conveyors are a reliable solution for those looking for even layer distribution of green ball pellets from a balling disc belt conveyor onto a wide belt conveyor. Used in iron ore and steelmaking plants to ensure proper firing of pellets, reciprocating conveyors are an industry staple.


Conveying professionals are ready to assist in any situation.

Process optimization

Improve the overall processing of pellets.

Robust built

Steel design and rugged body.

Consistent product output

Prevention mechanism for blockages.

Reciprocating conveyors are built for durability and accuracy

In many applications reciprocating conveyors’ main function is to receive unfired green ball pellets and spread them evenly on the wide belt. This ensures consistent firing of the pellets.


Metso reciprocating conveyors have CEMA Series E6 rated picking idlers for all carrying idlers and should a problem occur, our conveying professionals are ready to assist in any situation.

Process optimization

Due to accurate configuration of speed and stroke, Metso reciprocating conveyors can significantly improve the overall processing of pellets.

Robust built

Thanks to their steel design and rugged body the reciprocating conveyors are incredibly durable and long-lasting. The drag pulleys are also lined with heavy-duty volcanic rubber to further increase their lifetime.

Consistent product output

A spring tensioned metal angle belt wiper ensures the belt stays clean at all times so material can truly be dispersed evenly every time. There are also wide end disc groupings at each end of the roll to prevent the belt edge from getting stuck, reducing the risk of malfunction and increasing product output.

Conveyor spare parts and wear parts for reliable operation

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to have one supplier for all your conveyor needs? Metso provides a complete range of conveyor spare parts and wear parts to maximize the efficiency and safety of your conveyor operations.

  • Conveyor belts
  • Conveyor belt cleaners
  • Conveyor belt guides
  • Conveyor belt tensioners
  • Conveyor idlers
  • Conveyor inspection hatches
  • Conveyor holdbacks
  • Conveyor hoods
  • Conveyor loaders
  • Conveyor seals
  • Conveyor skirting
  • Conveyor pulleys
  • Conveyor pulley guards
  • Conveyor pulley lagging
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