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Wide belt conveyors are commonly used in iron ore and steel making facilities to transfer pellets from the reciprocating head mechanism to a roller conveyor. Their durable body and safety-led design reduces operational risks to help achieve maximum capacity and uptime.

Superior durability

Heavy duty and robust to ensure a long lifecycle.

Improved volume and product quality

Enable an increase in the amount of material processed.

Easily inspectable idlers

Simple and quick inspection and service.

Low maintenance

Reduced damage to the edge of the belt.

Wide belt conveyors for uncompromised performance

Extraordinary durability

Metso wide belt conveyors are heavy duty and incredibly robust to ensure a long lifecycle. The drive pulleys are covered with firm herringbone vulcanized rubber for increased dependability.  

Improved volume and product quality

The superior build of Metso wide belt conveyors enables an increase in the amount of material processed without compromising the quality.

Easily inspectable idlers

Part of the safety-led design of these conveyors is the ease of access to the carrying idles, which are on removable frames.

This makes inspection and maintenance much easier and quicker.

Low maintenance

Wide end discs are placed at each end of the conveyor roll to reduce the damage to the edge of the belt.

This feature, along with easily accessed carrying idles are what makes the conveyor so low maintenance.

Our team of experts is also readily available to help optimize your operations when needed.

Conveyor spare parts and wear parts for reliable operation

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to have one supplier for all your conveyor needs? Metso provides a complete range of conveyor spare parts and wear parts to maximize the efficiency and safety of your conveyor operations.

  • Conveyor belts
  • Conveyor belt cleaners
  • Conveyor belt guides
  • Conveyor belt tensioners
  • Conveyor idlers
  • Conveyor inspection hatches
  • Conveyor holdbacks
  • Conveyor hoods
  • Conveyor loaders
  • Conveyor seals
  • Conveyor skirting
  • Conveyor pulleys
  • Conveyor pulley guards
  • Conveyor pulley lagging
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