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Metso stacking conveyor solutions is focused on reliable and efficient stockyard material management in a wide range of mining applications

Stacking conveyor solutions

Reliable and efficient stockyard material management

Stacking is critical to a well-managed material stockyard in mining. The stacking conveyor solutions are focused on providing equipment to ensure material is properly managed and reduce any unnecessary downtime.


Stationary, radial or mobile stacking solutions

Efficient operations

Reliable material blending and stacking


Tailormade per operational needs and local regulations

Reduced downtime

Robust equipment and ease of maintenance

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Reliable and efficient stockyard management

Mining material stockyards can face a high capacity of material each day. Without proper management of this material, your operation could face unnecessary downtime and ultimately loss of profits.

Metso stacking conveyor solutions uses our mining industry experience and knowledge to develop reliable and efficient solutions for customer needs. This involves an end to end solution including concept studies, project development, project execution and post-installation services and maintenance.


The stacking conveyor solutions offers 3 unique solutions: Stationary stacking conveyors, radial stacking conveyors and mobile stacking conveyors.

Efficient stockyard management

Material management is not only what is required for efficient stockyard management. Blending is also included in some applications.

Metso stacking conveyor solutions provide a continuous flow of material with options for stacking and proper blending.


Solutions can be tailormade to ensure all of your operational needs are met. Metso also has experience in being able to provide solutions that will adhere to all local regulations.

Reduced downtime

The stacking conveyor solutions are all designed with robust components that are built to last and perform under even the toughest conditions.

This helps reduce the need for maintenance and keeps a continous flow, which results in less downtime and more productivity.

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