Metso Full portfolio Courier 5X6X SL analyzer
Get unmatched sensitivity and shorter cycle times for efficient process management, monitoring, and control of your mineral processing plants.

Our Courier 5X and 6X SL analyzer probes combine high-performance wavelength and energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence methods to automate sampling and analysis in a unique and effective way.

  • Offers consistent, reliable automated sampling and analysis around the clock
  • Reduces assaying and sampling costs
  • Improves recovery through early detection of process disruptions
  • Offers better control over concentrate quality and process variations
  • Meets changing plant requirements with easy upgrades and expandability
Courier 5X and 6X SL analyzer
Automation interactive tool
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Why choose Courier analyzers?

  • Reduces assaying and metallurgical sampling costs with round-the-clock automatic sampling and analysis
  • Improves recovery levels by detecting process disruptions early and resolving them quickly
  • Allows real-time process monitoring and control with frequent assays
  • Controls concentrate quality and minimizes undesirable variations
  • Optimizes plant operation, with smaller circulating loads resulting in higher throughput
  • Uses the same wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) technology as high-performance laboratory analyzers
  • Offers assay accuracy comparable to routine manual laboratory sampling
  • Leads to faster process development as process tests and change results are available more quickly
  • Allows easy upgrading and system expandability thanks to the modular system design

Courier 6X SL high-power analyzer

The Courier 6X SL is a high-performance on-line XRF analyzer for real-time assaying, serving a maximum of 24 slurry process streams. It offers you unrivalled sensitivity and short cycle times for efficient process management, monitoring, and control of all types of mineral processing plants.

Courier 5X SL medium-power analyzer

The Courier 5X SL takes accurate and reliable element concentration measurements in slurries using on-line X-ray fluorescence (XRF). It can do this for up to 12 sample streams at normal concentration levels. The unit has a lower power X-ray tube than the Metso Courier 6X SL, meaning it can use a smaller power supply and a Peltier cooling system. 


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