Metso Full portfolio Flotation Service Platform Upgrade
Minimize downtime and maximize plant availability with quicker, easier, and safer maintenance carried out from the Metso Flotation Service Platform.

Flotation upgrades to help you achieve your sustainability and production targets

Improved safety


Sufficient free space to work when the drive unit, shaft, and mechanism are hoisted into place

Minimized downtime


The layout facilitates quick, easy maintenance of the cell’s mixing mechanism

Easier, quicker maintenance


Plug-and-play design, specifically designed for use with TankCell® flotation cells

Various sizes available


Individual and dual configurations available for various flotation cell sizes

  • Quicker, safer, and easier maintenance
  • Minimized downtime and higher plant availability
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Quick response to unexpected failures

Plant availability is one of the most important KPIs for any concentrator because every lost production hour has a direct impact on operational profit. Maximizing availability requires proactive maintenance. Flotation cell maintenance is relatively complex since the most important wear parts – the rotor and the stator – are at the bottom of the cell.

Regular maintenance inspections should be carried out, and this requires the cell to be emptied. To make the replacement process more efficient and to avoid working in a confined space, the drive, shaft, and mixing mechanism should be lifted out of the cell. Maintenance is carried out from a service platform, also known as a maintenance platform.

The Metso Flotation Service Platform Upgrade is specifically designed for use with Metso TankCell® flotation cells. Its layout facilitates quick, easy maintenance of the cell’s mixing mechanism, resulting in less downtime and therefore higher plant availability. The platform is available in individual and dual configurations. The dual configuration includes a spare drive shaft to minimize downtime while maintenance work is ongoing.


  • Lifting rack
  • Service platform(s):
    • 1–5 TankCells: 1 platform recommended
    • 6–10 TankCells: 1 dual-configuration platform or
    • 2 individual platforms recommended, or 1 driveshaft mount for every 5 TankCells

We can supply service platforms for the following TankCell models and corresponding mixing mechanisms:

  • e100
  • e130
  • e160
  • e200
  • e300
  • e500
  • e630

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