Metso Full portfolio Health and Safety Services
Health and safety services

Health and safety services

We can help you safeguard your operations and activities during all phases of your plant’s life cycle using proven safety concepts and processes from our global experts.

Unique know-how and safety procedures to help you reach your sustainability targets

Improved safety


Proven safety concepts and processes



Expert training in health & safety operations

Global expertise


Get expert plant safety assessments & recommendations


Our health and safety services can support you with a total safety concept or help to assess your existing safety system, uncover possible risk areas, and offer expert recommendations and support for concrete improvements to your plant’s safety.

  • Uses proven, sustainable safety concepts and processes
  • Employs best practices from global metallurgical sites
  • Performed by trusted health and safety professionals
Health and Safety Services


Our health and safety services are designed based on our global experience and the continuous development of our tools and expertise. This ensures that the latest knowledge and best practices are available for your operations. Our experts can help you build a total safety concept during construction or maintenance, ensuring clear roles and responsibilities are allocated between different suppliers. For operational needs, our experts can assess your existing safety system, pinpoint risk areas, and offer recommendations and support for improvement.

We can help you in:

  • Creating and implementing a total safety management system
  • Inspecting and assessing workplace safety practices and conditions
  • Providing expert training in health and safety operations
  • Offering recommendations and solutions to improve your plant’s safety

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