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Mobile screens

Mobile screens

React quickly to changing operational needs

Mobile screens are a cost-effective and flexible way to screen material at your production site. Our wide range of mobile screening equipment provide excellent productivity in smaller aggregates production sites, larger quarries and in mining applications.

Excellent mobility

Move around when you want. Easily adjustable for changing process needs.


High-quality components.  Engineering without compromises.

Improved production capacity

Based on extensive testing and quality control.

Fit into open or closed circuits

Transport along the quarry or between sites.

Improve flexibility and cut operating costs with mobile screens

Mobile screens, or mobile screening plants as they are also called, are utilized in construction sites, aggregates production, quarries, and mining operations whenever movable but high capacity screening is required. 

Excellent mobility

As the name suggests, mobile screens have outstanding mobility. They can easily be adjusted to perfectly fit your changing process or location needs. 


High-quality components and engineering without compromises ensure trouble-free production. When service is required, it can be done simply and easily through easy-to-access maintenance points.

Improved production capacity

Metso mobile screens are based on extensive testing and quality control for increased operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

Spare parts and wear parts, as well as services for mobile screens are available through Metso's worldwide network.

Fit into open or closed circuits

You can move mobile screens to where you need them and increase the flexibility of your production process. They can be safely transported along the quarry face or between sites to ensure production is interrupted for as short time as possible.

Two families for different screening needs

Metso's mobile screens offering consists of two different product families, Lokotrack® ST mobile screens and Nordtrack™ mobile screens.

Lokotrack® ST mobile screens range is known for high-quality and customization possibilities.

ST scalping screens are ideal for screening and scalping blasted rock, sand and gravel, recycled concrete and top soil to produce a variety of construction and landscaping materials such as road base, and railway ballast.

ST aggregate screens are ideal for screening crushed rock as well as sand and gravel to produce aggregates for concrete and asphalt, road base, building foundations and railway ballast.

Nordtrack™ mobile screens come with standard configurations and are suitable for fewer applications, but they can be delivered faster.


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Lokotrack® ST mobile screens

Durable, high-quality Lokotrack® ST mobile screens operate in various standalone and multistage applications.

This range of track-mounted screening plants provides you with multiple options, depending on produced material, production volume, site characteristics, and location.

Lokotrack® ST mobile screens are customizable and fit for many different needs – they can also be tailored or modified later, if the production requirements change.  

Lokotrack® ST scalping screens


Lokotrack® ST aggregate screens



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Nordtrack™ mobile screens
Nordtrack™ mobile screens

You don't have to be a screening expert to get started with Nordtrack™ mobile screens.

They are track-mounted and come in standard configurations for asphalt recycling applications, organic materials separation, or aggregate production. The choice of options is limited to features that are necessary – so you only pay for the features that you really need.

Nordtrack™ range of mobile screens makes it easy to get your operations up and running on time and on budget. They are ideal when you work in short-term contracting jobs or are just starting your own operations.

Nordtrack™ mobile screens' technical specifications

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