Metso Full portfolio Thickener bridge and mechanism upgrade
Improve performance and extend the life of equipment by upgrading your aged thickener. The thickener bridge and mechanism are often upgraded in conjunction with the entire feed system. Upgrading these mechanical elements helps you to cope with new process requirements and increased capacity.

Thickener upgrades to help you achieve your sustainability and production targets

Safer work environment


Additional bridge elements & reinforcements to accommodate addition weight/forces

Improved availability


Leading design & process principles

Increased availability of parts


Standardized upgrade elements

Improved efficiency & stability


Increased rake tork improves production

  • Improves capital efficiency
  • Improves operational stability
  • Extends availability
  • Increases rake torque
  • Provides a safer work environment
  • Improves availability of spare parts

Bridge and mechanism modernizations can replace all internal elements of your thickener, including bridge, gearboxes, drive units, rakes, and torques shafts or cages.

  • The latest equipment design takes into consideration improved safety and maintenance features
  • Enables reusing existing tank and supports

The Feed system is usually upgraded as part of this upgrade, unlocking benefits of the latest feed technologies such as Reactorwell™  to improve water recovery, reduce flocculant consumption and optimize mineral recovery at increased throughputs

  • Engineering Study
  • The upgrade, may include:
    • Bridge, full-span, or center column
    • Drive assembly, gearbox, and rake lift
    • Powerpack
    • Control panel
    • Instrumentation
    • Overflow launder and box
    • Underflow cone
    • Reactorwell TM Feed system upgrade
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