Metso Full portfolio Thickener froth management upgrade
Improve minerals recovery and minimize operating costs with Metso's thickener froth management upgrade. The upgrade helps with froth control, particularly on concentrate thickeners, which can carry valuable minerals into the thickener overflow. Reducing or eliminating froth can save an operation millions in lost minerals per year, as well as reducing maintenance and reagent costs.

Upgrades that improve performance to help you reach your sustainability targets

Lower environmental impact


Reduced reagent consumption

Decreased water usage


Less need to clean process water in dams or tanks and fewer solids in the returned process water

Lower operating costs


Less need to clean process water dams or tanks

Improved mineral recovery


Reduced or eliminated froth to overflow

  • Improves minerals recovery
  • Decreases operating costs through reduced reagent consumption
  • Results in cost savings as less need to clean process water dams or tanks
  • Reduces the amount of solids in the returned process water
Thickener Froth Management Upgrade

A range of options are available depending on the level and tenacity of the froth:

  • Rotating floating boom
    • Sprays and baffle
    • Effective for light and fluffy froth
  • Boom and beach
    • Sprays and baffle
    • Floating boom replaced with rigid boom
    • Beach collection point with tank wall penetration for froth removal
    • Highly effective on denser more tenacious froth
  • DA tank
    • Stops froth from entering thickener
    • Feed enters tangentially to create a vortex to aid deaeration
    • Thickener feed is withdrawn from below the liquid level to prevent air and froth entrainment
  • Process review
  • Engineering study
  • Upgrade, which may include:
    • Rotating boom
    • Sprays and piping
    • Baffle
    • Beach
    • DA tank
Key considerations in thickener modernizations
Find out more about how a thickener modernization can be an effective and efficient way to maximize equipment use for changing conditions and to meet external requirements and expectations in this blog.
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