Trellex Cerlag direct bonding ceramic pulley lagging

for belt conveyors

To ensure that your belt conveyors are operational when required in industries where reliability and avoiding unplanned downtime are crucial, we have designed the Trellex® Cerlag direct bonding ceramic pulley lagging keeping in mind "the longest possible service life".

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About Trellex® Cerlag direct bonding ceramic pulley lagging


Aluminum oxide tiles in the Trellex Cerlag DB (Direct Bonding) ceramic pulley lagging are bonded directly to the pulley shell using a high strength epoxy adhesive. For drive pulley applications tiles with dimples are used and for non-drive pulleys plain/smooth tiles are used. The adhesive has good properties at both low and elevated temperatures and can operate in pulley lagging applications from -20 C to +70 C.


The Trellex Cerlag DB pulley lagging is designed for use on drive and non-drive conveyor pulleys. This lagging provides a maintenance free wear resistant surface that will provide increased traction for drive pulleys and a smooth low friction surface for bend and tail pulleys.

The ceramic tiles are based on a high performance aluminum oxide that is dry injection pressed and sintered under tightly controlled conditions. This produces a small particle size ceramic with outstanding physical properties, abrasion and flex crack resistance. The tiles are supplied in pads with clear backing tape to ensure accurate positioning.

Ceramic lagging with dimple tiles issued on drive pulleys to increase grip and ceramic lagging with smooth tiles is used on non-drive pulleys to increase wear resistance/service life.


Cerlag DB ceramic pulley lagging 3D



Cerlag DB ceramic pulley lagging 3D

Benefits and features

  • Improved belt tracking

  • Reduces slippage between belt & pulley

  • High performance Aluminum Oxide ceramic

  • Reduced application time

  • Reduced application cost

  • Reduced lead time

Technical description

Important note
For drive pulleys with Cerlag DB must be given consideration to ensure the conveyor design does not create slippage between the conveyor belt and the Cerlag DB as this can cause belt cover wear. This is most likely on medium and high tension belting applications. Metso can assist conveyor users with computer modelling using the lagging analyst software to determine if slippage is likely to occur for specific conveyor pulley applications. Please contact your nearest Metso office for more detail on this.

The adhesive has good properties at both low and elevated temperatures and can operate in pulley lagging applications from -20 C to +70 C.
Bond strengths as tested (ASTM D4541)
Adhesion to sand blasted mild steel >20.0 MPa
Adhesion to Aluminium Oxide ceramic >20.0 MPa

Lagging specifications

Dimensions Pads

Light/Medium 1155x41
Medium/Heavy 1160x86

Light/Medium 500x500
Medium/Heavy 500x500

Dimensions Tiles

Medium/Heavy 20x20x8

Medium/Heavy 20x20x6

Item codes
Storage recommendations

Storage room for lagging must be dry and kept clean.
Do NOT store outside.
Do NOT store together with fuels, lubricants, acids, disinfectants, solvents or other chemicals.

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