Megaliner™ for discharge systems

Megaliner™ for discharge systems

No more risky and time-consuming change-outs

The new Megaliner™ for discharge systems is a unique solution that simplifies and speeds up mill relines by up to 50%, as well as dramatically improves safety.


Improved safety

No workers needed in the danger-zone inside the mill

Increased uptime

Up to 50% faster relines

Ease of maintenance

Up to 70% fewer parts

Improved sustainability

High-performing parts improve efficiency, and long-lasting parts mean fewer parts are needed

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Fewer parts mean up to 50% faster change-outs

The discharge system of a mill is the most complex and time-consuming part of the mill to reline. 

The new Megaliner™ for discharge systems integrates dischargers, grates, lifter bars and filling segments in one unit, reducing the number of components used by as much as up to 70%. This can cut your installation time in half. 

Outstanding safety benefits
Outstanding safety benefits

The ready-made modules have a minimized number of attachment points and the bolts used to attach the liners are inserted from the outside of the mill, meaning that no workers are needed in the danger-zone inside the mill. The work can instead be performed on steady and safe platforms.

Short bolts, no recoilless hammers

The liner bolts are much shorter and well protected from dust, corrosion and general mechanical damage, making them longer lasting and easier to remove. The traditional long bolts through the grate, the pulp lifter and the mill discharge head are not used, making it up to 70% faster to knock out the bolts. It also eliminates the need for risky and expensive recoilless hammers.

Short bolts, no recoilless hammers
Now available for your entire mill
Now available for your entire mill

With this latest innovation, Megaliner™ is now available for all sections of horizontal mills: the head, the shell and the discharge system.

Boliden keeps improving uptime with Megaliner™ for discharge systems

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