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Poly met mill liners

Skega Poly-Met™ mill liners

Suitable for SAG mills, AG mills, ball mills, FGD mills, rod mills, scrubbers and washing drums

Skega Poly-Met™ mill linings combine the most desirable properties of rubber and steel. The linings are carefully designed to maximize the availability of your grinding mill and keep your costs to a minimum.


Increased uptime

Long wear life and increased availability

Ease of maintenance

Low lining weight

Lower maintenance costs

Fast and safe installation

Optimized throughput

Long wear life and a retained liner profile mean a more efficient and sustainable operation

Low weight with long wear life
Low weight with long wear life

Metso's Skega Poly-Met™ mill linings combine the most desirable properties of rubber and steel to maximum advantage. This combination allows the use of more wear-resistant alloys of iron and steel than can be used in a conventional metallic lining, as the rubber substantially dampens the impact forces and also results in a lower lining weight. This makes Skega Poly-Met™ an outstanding solution, particularly in heavy applications. The rubber imparts flexibility, facilitates maintenance, and in combination with extremely hard metallic inserts maintains an efficient profile over the entire lining life.

Ready to take on any challenge

Peruvian Cerro Lindo mine experiences up to 200% increase in mill liner lifetime
“We reached our goal to extend the life of the lining, thanks to the product support and service given by Metso at every stage,” says Gustavo de la Torre, Mineral Processing Manager of Cerro Lindo.
Circularity innovation enables the recycling of used Poly-Met™ mill liners.
What happens to your liners when they are worn out?
Our latest circularity innovation enables the recycling of used Poly-Met™ mill liners.
Grinding mill lining materials and designs are optimized to your mill's specific grinding conditions and continuously improved
Continuous improvement

Metso offers mill linings with materials and designs optimized for each specific application. We work closely with our customers and carefully follow their process to make sure the lining we supply is always optimized for current operating conditions. We can design and supply mill linings for all types of mills - for Metso mills as well as for competitor mills - and for all parts in the mill. Our wide product range, innovations, knowledge, and experience make us unique. Our approach to lining design is focused on grinding performance, mill uptime, and safety/sustainability.

Services for grinding

Metso offers a full portfolio of parts, services, and equipment to ensure that you get the best out of your grinding process and reach your production and sustainability goals.

More than a lining
When buying a mill lining from us you get more than just a wear part. We always do a pre-study and design the lining based on your conditions and targets. Wear and performance monitoring are regularly done to better understand your grinding process and to optimize the lining accordingly. Technical support is offered, and we arrange product and process training, as well as technical development meetings, for our loyal customers.

Installation and reline
Our experienced engineers oversee the safe and timely installation of Metso-supplied parts. Our experts adhere to the most stringent safety standards and are highly trained in OEM workmanship, allowing for a high-quality installation. If necessary, we can also guarantee the amount of downtime needed to perform wear part changeouts. Read more on mill reline services and mill reline machines.

Grinding circuit optimization
Metso process experts help in solving complex operational issues using analytical techniques, laboratory testing, and advanced control systems. Whether you need to optimize a piece of equipment, a circuit, or your entire plant, we have the tools and technology to help you make it happen. Read more on Process optimization and controls.

Life Cycle Services
Our pre-packaged solutions are designed to assist you in meeting your business goals, from start-up to shutdown to end-of-life. We can support you on a specific activity or over a larger scope, combining elements from our large portfolio of services with unique commercial models. Read more on Life Cycle Services.

How to determine the correct lining design for your grinding mill?
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Combine for better result
Combine for better result

Discover our wide range of mill lining materials. Our ability to combine different materials in the same mill, using each material where it performs the best, enables us to optimize your grinding process, and make it more sustainable.


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