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Our filtration experts will work in close partnership with you to design the most suitable service solution for your plant and operations. We constantly challenge the status quo and drive continuous improvement and innovation whether related to new digital solutions, efficiency improvements of installed equipment or maintenance as well as supply chain improvements for unsurpassed asset performance.

Decrease water consumption

Improve productivity with efficient water recirculation

Reduce emissions

With increased production per cycle

Improve safety

By identifying safety hazards with filtration inspections and  using quality OEM spare & wear parts

95% Filter availability

With our customizable life cycle services packages for filters

Spare and wear parts
Spare and wear parts

Having the proper parts supply on-hand is critical to your operations. With decades of experience in designing, producing and supplying wear and replacement parts – you can count on us.

To ensure short lead times, we stock standardized parts throughout our 150 distribution centers. We also accelerate the production of custom-made parts. 

We have parts suited for all types of filters: pressure filters, vacuum filters and polishing filters.

Installation and commissioning
Get expert support during your project start-up phase wherever you are in the world. Our installation and commissioning experts will help to ensure your equipment performs according to agreed targets.
Installation and commissioning

Maintenance, shutdowns and repairs

Proper maintenance and repairs not only help extend filter life, but it allow you to optimize your parts supply, manpower scheduling, and repair work. Metso offers a full range of services to keep your filter operational.


Regular and proactive inspections are critical for ensuring the longevity and peak performance of equipment and processes.  Unplanned equipment downtime can cause severe financial losses. Equipment failures, multiple service center calls and degrading process efficiency are all potential outcomes from equipment that has not been regularly inspected and maintained.  There are 3 inspection packages for your filtration equipment designed to reduce unplanned downtime, equipment failure, and risks associated with operating faulty equipment.  


Downtime means money and we understand that every minute counts. That is why Metso has developed a full offering of services to help plan, execute, and optimize equipment shutdowns. From tool management to work procedures to time and motion analysis (SMED), we help you achieve efficient, safe, and timely shutdowns.



As equipment ages, production efficiency and reliability can decline. However, proper maintenance and repairs can reduce the signs of aging to ensure that your production goals are met. We are here to support you, from one-time fixes to full turnkey projects.

Metso offers a full range of repair services from reconstructing surfaces to full rebuilds of large components. Skilled technicians with specialized tools are available from our repair centers and global service network. All repairs are handled end-to-end, guaranteeing safe execution and the correct parts. Our network of repair centers constantly share best practices and have access to knowledge from our global design centers. This helps us guarantee repairs to the same exacting standards worldwide. Always working with the best available processes, tooling, and methods gives the value, consistency, reliability, and safety that our customers expect.

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Maintenance, repairs, installations, and shutdowns for grinding circuits can be large and complicated jobs. Heavy parts often require specialized handling and installation procedures, as well as specialized tools to ensure safety. Metso has a substantial network of field service technicians available to help. Each engagement is customizable to your exact requirements, whether you are looking for crews to fully execute the project or simply to supplement your on-site maintenance staff.
The original OEM Larox® filter service provider for more than 45 years
We strengthen your operations throughout the entire life cycle of your Larox filter through our diverse and comprehensive service portfolio.
Upgrades and retrofits

Metso filtration upgrades bring the latest technology to your existing filters, making your operations more productive, cost-efficient, and safer overall. Our upgrades are tailored to your production goals and are custom-engineered to your application. We are here to support you from design to execution.

Upgrades and retrofits
Life Cycle Services for filters
Life Cycle Services for filters

Our LCS programs drive value-adding service solutions based on your needs. Our programs integrate service elements into simple, comprehensive, long-term agreements. Core service elements in our LCS packages are spare parts, repairs, maintenance and reliability, connected equipment and process optimization.

3 different program levels:

  1. Inspections and technical support: focuses on well-executed annual maintenance, resulting in higher filter availability.
  2. Maintenance and reliability: highest reliability with minimum downtime.
  3. Process optimization: ensures excellent filter performance and optimized processes.

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Filter product training

Our filtration training equips participants with the knowledge and skills required to safely and efficiently maintain Metso and Larox® filtration systems. Training is delivered by our experienced team of in-house certified experts and covers both basic knowledge of filtration systems and Larox technology, as well as customized training courses on optimal operation, maintenance, automation, and troubleshooting.

Learn more about our filter product training here>

Filter product training

How our filtration services help you achieve your sustainability targets

Upgrades & modernizations


Decreased CO² emissions & energy consumption with increased production per cycle

Hours lifetime or performance.png

Up to 20% increase in cloth lifetime with a high-pressure wash system

Maximized Throughput.png

Up to 25% capacity increase with a filter plate pack expansion

Maintenance & optimization


Increased safety by identifying safety hazards with our filtration inspections

Channels - digital.png

Improved uptime with connected data monitoring & remote support

Maximized Uptime.png

Above 95% filter availability with our Life Cycle Services for filters

Spare & wear parts, R&D


Responsible procurement process, 100% of R&D based on sustainable criteria.

Less idle time.png

Increased availability and reliability


Improved wear life and throughput

filtration plant unit
Filtration Plant Units
Modular and advanced filtration plant units that bring operational reliability, scalability and safety to the forefront, resulting in solid and proven results.

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