Metso Full portfolio Metallurgical Account Sampling
Get reliable metallurgical composite samples that represent the variations that occur in particle size distribution, elemental concentrations and solids flow.

We offer a range of specialist samplers, designed specifically for metallurgical composite sampling purposes, that meet the requirements for on-line analysis. Metallurgical Account Sampling benefits:

  • Improves process control and allows faster reaction to process changes
  • Reduces assaying and sampling costs compared to manual processes
  • Uses proven technologies for turnkey and custom-engineered projects
  • Optimizes life-cycle performance through a tailored service solution
Metallurgical Account Sampling

MSA Multi-stage Metallurgical Composite Sampler

The MSA multi-stage metallurgical composite sampler uses a combination of static multiple cutter stages with the number of stages depending on the process flow. This is followed by a moving crosscut sampler stage, which produces the sample for the next stage. The MSA sampler can be configured to deliver a composite sample to a secondary sampler or a continuous flow for Metso Courier® and Outotec PSI® analyzers. The MSA can also be used to perform analyzer-controlled sampling. The models hold a flow rate from 60 to 27,000 m³/h.

The final composite sample is taken from the primary sample flow by the secondary sampler in the Metso Courier on-stream analyzer or a linear moving cutter (LMC) composite sampler. The composite sample can be filtered to have the excess water removed, using an optional Metso vacuum sample filter unit (VFU).

LMC Linear Moving Cutter Sampler

The LMC linear moving cutter sampler is used in combination with the MSA multi-stage metallurgical composite sampler for taking a composite sample or primary sample from small process streams. It can also be used as a secondary sampler with other samplers. The sampler is based on a moving cutter traveling across the stream, cutting a representative composite sample from the process flow. The LMC sampler is available in three models: LMC 80, LMC 100, and LMC 150, for process flow rates from 45 to 140 m³/h.

SSA Stand-alone Composite Sampler

The SSA 50 stand-alone composite sampler is used for taking a composite sample from the primary sample flow or from small process flows. The sampler can be used as a composite sampler for gravity flows, and is available in single-stream and three-stream versions. The sampler has a process connection inlet size DN 50 and outlet size DN 65. It holds a process flow rate from 6 to 18 m³/h.

VFU Vacuum Sample Filter Unit

The VFU is for dewatering slurry composite samples, usually fed from a sampler, multiplexer, or analyzer. It is automatic and operates independently of the connected sampling equipment. The filtering system is available in 1, 3, 6, or 12 table pots.

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