Metso Full portfolio Primary Samplers for Gravity Flow
Improve process control while reducing assaying and sampling costs. Our gravity-type samplers provide a continuous sample flow for online analysis that is proportional to changes in the properties of the process stream.

 With one of the industry’s widest ranges of primary samplers, we can design and deliver precisely tailored solutions. Our proven samplers are designed for durability and high availability and, in the case of demanding process applications, can be manufactured from special materials.

  • Improves process control and allows faster reaction to process changes
  • Reduces assaying and sampling costs compared to manual processes
  • Uses proven technologies for turnkey and custom-engineered projects
  • Scales easily to a more advanced solution as needs change
Primary Samplers for Gravity Flow

A primary sampler for gravity flow takes the representative sample from a vertically segregated process flow. The sample flow rate of single-stage samplers is directly proportional to the process flow for composite sampling. In the case of on-line analysis, single-stage samplers produce too high a sample flow rate from a large process flow, so two-stage samplers are recommended.

LSA Launder Box Cutter Sampler

Our LSA launder box cutter sampler is typically used in cyclone overflow sampling points. It has an automatic flushing valve set for cutter and sample pipe cleaning and comes in sizes DN 150 (6") to DN 600 (24") for flow rates from 25 to 1000 m³/h.

LSA-NC Launder Box Cutter Sampler

Our LSA-NC two-stage launder box sampler with nested cutter is used in large process flows under atmospheric pressure. The sampler is available in sizes DN 500 (20") to DN 1600 (64”), for flow rates from 800 to 20,000 m³/h.

SKA Vertical Cutter Sampler

Our SKA vertical cutter sampler is for process flows under atmospheric pressure in a launder. If used in a rectangular launder, only a cutter needs to be inserted. The sampler is supplied with an installation flange in size DN 200 (8").

Adjustable Sample Divider (ASD)

The ASD DN 50 adjustable sample divider is located on top of an Outotec PSI® 300/500 Particle Size Analyzer or Metso Courier® Analyzer, allowing a large primary sample flow to be used for slurry that settles easily.

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