Metso Full portfolio Mixing Area Upgrade for Sinter Plants
Maintain productivity even with lower quality iron ore and the addition of ultra-fine iron ore concentrates in the sinter mix. Our mixing area upgrade for sinter plants adjusts to raw material changes by maintaining the gas permeability of the sinter bed on the travelling grate.

Why partner with Metso?

Increased uptime

Increased equipment reliability prevents unplanned shutdowns due to failure of stressed components.

Operational flexibility

Maintain productivity despite raw material changes.

Operating efficiency

Maintain production capacity and process efficiency.

  • Maintains original productivity by using up to 50% of < 150 µm
  • Keeps operational flexibility with changing raw material base
  • Enables process guarantees
  • Minimizes shut-down period to reduce production loss

  • Integration of high-intensity mixers (HIM) in the mixing and granulation process
  • Equipment selection and process design based on mixing and pot grate test work
  • Engineering of full scope including tie-in in existing plant and process control
  • Integrated construction planning

  • Site study to investigate the status of the mixing and nodulizing
  • Preparation of a plan to increase capacity and improve efficiency with minimum shut-down
  • Complete engineering including:
    • Supply of all equipment
    • Execution of required civil works
    • Modification of steel structures
    • Installation of all equipment and integration with the existing electrical and control system
    • Commissioning and ramp-up
    • Training and assisted operation

Sintering & pelletizing case studies, blogs & webinars

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