Metso Full portfolio Sinter Strand Widening
Increase your sinter machine capacity efficiently and economically by widening the traveling grate pallet cars. Metso's sinter strand widening modernizations are carried out with minimal shutdown time and offer a significant capacity increase.

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Energy efficiency

Reduce fuel and power consumption


Increase operating capacity by up to 15%


Minimize shutdown time and optimize productivity


Accelerate return on investment with increased production

  • Increases capacity by around 15%
  • Minimizes shutdown time
    (under 8 days is possible)
  • Maintains product quality
  • Reduces false air intake and reduces waste gases
  • Offers a short payback period
  • Metso’s process and engineering expertise
  • Shutdown planning and management capabilities to guarantee the most economic and efficient revamp
  • Sinter strand widening modernizations require only minimum changes to the sinter machine
  • Evaluate the modification feasibility, taking into consideration up and downstream equipment
  • Pallet car engineering and other necessary sinter machine modifications
  • Supply the cast extension pieces to extend the pallet cars width by 15 cm on each side
  • Support and supervise installation and restart

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