Metso Full portfolio ProfileScan
Increase the effectiveness of your furnace, ensure plant availability, and safeguard the quality of your sintered product. The Metso ProfileScan monitors the thickness of the pellet layer and ensures optimal and stable pellet bed thickness, which is essential for the pelletizing and sintering process. The process control system (PCS) controls the speed of the steel belt automatically to reach optimal process conditions.
  • Improves process control, process stability, and product quality    
  • Extends the operation period of the steel belt    
  • Provides a user-friendly user interface that is compatible with Windows    
  • Includes a heavy-duty field box    
  • Uses easily replaceable high-quality Metso OEM spare parts

The measurement is based on a laser scanner, which opto-electronically scans the measurement area. The real height of the pellet bed is calculated by subtracting the known distance from the steel belt from the measurements given by the laser scanner.

Measurement results are displayed in an informative and easy-to-use graphical user interface. The results are also available for the PCS through several communication methods. The system has been designed to be robust in harsh environments with excellent usability and it is delivered with easily replaceable spare parts.

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