Metso Full portfolio Larox® PF hydraulic cloth tracking upgrade
This upgrade prevents cloth edges from rubbing against the steel parts, preventing premature wearing and loose yarn. The Larox PF hydraulic cloth tracking upgrade is a standard feature in all modern Larox PF filters.

Upgrades that improve performance to help you reach your sustainability targets

Longer cloth lifetime


Continuous cloth monitoring reacts to misalignment with corrective actions

Quick and easy installation


Pre-assembled frame structure makes installation quick and easy

Increased uptime


Helps prevent problems like damaged roller bearings, stuck rollers, stretching, folding & seam damage

  • Increases filter availability due to longer filter cloth lifetime
  • Prevents cloth edges from rubbing against steel parts, preventing the premature wearing of cloth edges
  • Quick and easy installation, while minimizing downtime
  • Enables easy operation

Worn cloth edges may cause problems such as damaged roller bearings, stuck rollers, uneven cloth stretching, folding, and seam damage.

  • The system monitors the position of the cloth continuously, reacting to misalignment and enabling the required corrective actions to occur in real-time without delay
  • The active tracking system utilizes an analog positioning technique together with sophisticated programming and effective positioning of the tracking roller to ensure excellent tracking


  • Pre-assembled frame structure
  • Bracket for fixing old tracking roller to steady position
  • Hydraulic valve block
  • Electrification set
  • Engineering
  • Documentation update
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Ramp-up services
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