Metso Full portfolio Standard Control System
The Standard Control System provides all control functions required for the safe operation of grinding equipment (including horizontal grinding mills and high pressure grinding rolls) and their associated ancillary equipment, as well as continuously monitoring the equipment’s condition.

The system provides the opportunity to implement advanced condition monitoring strategies, including remote expert support, to ensure maximum mill availability.

  • Increased equipment availability
  • Significantly reduced commissioning time and cost
  • Shorter engineering lead time and superior installation quality thanks to simplified wiring and termination design as well as standardized software and hardware modules
  • Reduced project risks with complete solution delivery under one contract
  • Ensured compliance and reduced risk with state-of-the-art safety-rated hardware
Mill Control System
Typical system layout

A safe, reliable solution for increasing mill availability

The Metso Standard Control System is a modular solution comprising a local control panel with a fail-safe PLC and a large full-color touchscreen interface, as well as a robust distributed I/O network and smart mill instruments.

Increased equipment availability

The integrated condition monitoring system proactively detects anomalies to prevent equipment damage. Diagnostic data from the IO-Link instruments are used to determine instrument health and detect installation problems before they cause downtime. Bi-directional communication minimizes instrument replacement time.

Remote connectivity hardware is included as standard, enabling optional plug-and-play connection for remote diagnostics and support to resolve equipment-related issues. Plant owners can also take advantage of cloud-based Asset Analytics service to gain valuable insights over the condition and performance of their assets. These insights can be used to develop a robust predictive maintenance plan.

The system uses standard hardware and software components that are common across our product lines for improved availability of support resources and spare parts.

Safety compliant as standard

The system meets the requirements of the EU’s Machinery Directive and Low Voltage Directive, as well as IEC 60204 and NFPA 79. The fail-safe PLC and safety-rated inputs and outputs are certified according to IEC 61508 for functional safety and are suitable for use in safety-related applications according to ISO 13849. This ensures that all requirements determined in the mill risk assessment are met with minimum effort and wiring.

Significantly reduced commissioning time and cost

The distributed I/O system with IP67 modules allows for the majority of mill instrumentation to be wired up to the I/O modules and tested at the factory, enabling problem-free commissioning. Installation time and cost are also reduced as the majority of site cabling is limited to a single network and power supply cable per instrument group. The robust IP67 modules are protected by specially designed stainless-steel brackets.

Shorter engineering lead time and superior installation quality

The modular control system structure with standardized, configured-to-order local control panel (LCP) options results in a reduced need for project-specific engineering as it is based on proven hardware and software modules. Project risks are mitigated with complete solution delivery under one contract. Standardized wiring and M12 connection interfaces for sensors minimize the need for manual wiring work, resulting in superior installation quality.

IO-Link technology for time and cost savings

IO-Link is an international standard according to IEC 61131-9 that enables digitalization and smart instruments by allowing for extended diagnosis of sensors and actuators, as well as simple and fast parameter setting with bi-directional communication. The use of IO-Link instruments in the Metso Mill Control system contributes greatly to time and cost savings. Fewer I/O spares are required thanks to the single interface, while the commissioning process is expedited by fast configuration and parameter setting.

Typical scope

  • Local control panel
  • Remote I/O modules with mounting accessories and cables to LCP
  • Mill instruments and instrument cables
  • Engineering, configuration, and factory acceptance testing
Mill control system

Standard features

The Mill Control System specifications

Please note that the figures below may vary depending on the delivery scope. Contact your local sales representative for exact figures.

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