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Wear lining for bucket reclaimers spill wall

Bucket wheel reclaimers are critical assets in mining operations, where downtime can directly impact production. The liners on the spill face often present a maintenance challenge, as they consist of multiple small liners and each requires access from the confined space behind the sloping spill face wall.


Improved sustainability

by matching material wear life with machine maintenance intervals 

Up to 80%

reduced downtime due to fewer liners 

Improved safety

with reduced manual handling of liners and no need to access confined spaces

Up to 90% fewer sheet liners
Up to 90% fewer sheet liners

By combining multiple small liners into fewer broad sheet liners and utilizing high-tensile Taper-T attachments, the number of liners and fasteners can be significantly reduced. Tapered holes in the liners facilitate the use of the SafeFit handling system, which enables the liners to be safely lifted using a crane and secured in position while the fasteners are installed. The combination of excellent impact and abrasion resistance provided by the Xalloy plate completes the solution.

Correct layout and material selection

Metso addresses the challenges of bucket wheel reclaimer spill face maintenance through improvements in liner layout and by combining correct material selection with an innovative attachment system. Typical results from this approach include:

  • Up to 90% fewer liners
  • Fewer liners and fasteners minimizes liner change-out time
  • Utilizing Taper-T attachments eliminates the need to access the confined space at the rear of the spill face
  • Ability to use the SafeFit handling system reduces manual handling of liners
  • Choosing an Xalloy material with a wear life that more closely matches the machine maintenance intervals improves sustainability
Correct layout and material selection
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