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Wear lining for stockpile hoppers and chutes

Stockpile feeder hoppers and chutes are covered by the stockpile for long periods of time, and therefore a reliable and long lasting wear lining solution is required to maximize lining life and asset performance.


Improved safety

with longer maintenance intervals

Longer life

due to right combination of material and design

Reduced costs

due to maximum material utilization

Customized Gridlock™ anti-wash design
Customized Gridlock™ anti-wash design

A custom-designed Gridlock liner package from Metso reduces maintenance, extends operating life, and improves the wear performance of the equipment. Our patented Gridlock anti-wash joint profile is designed to disrupt the tracking of material along the joint lines and eliminates preferential wear at these locations. Ribbed Rockbox liners can also be incorporated into high wear zones and along edges to further protect these areas. Improved liner packages can be incorporated into removable/rotable structures, for quick change-outs.

Prevent joint wash
Prevent joint wash

A Gridlock system removes the weak points of a standard liner package where liner failure is most common, allowing for more production uptime. The Gridlock joint prevents vertical wash lines in bins and tubs and the horizontal wash lines commonly seen in feeder side-wall liners.

Longer wear life

Gridlock liner joints extend the wear life of your liners by eliminating one of the primary causes of premature liner failure. The innovative liner design protects high wear zones and extends the wear life in these areas, allowing for overall maximum utilization. Incorporating the use of rotable/ removable tubs and bins provides quick maintenance change-outs with improved safety, better access and an overall reduction in ongoing costs.

Longer wear life

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