Wear lining for crusher discharge vaults

Traditional crusher discharge chutes, vaults and octagonals are a challenge to protect with wear liners and can be even more difficult to maintain and repair. They are often surrounded by structural concrete, which prevents access to the back side of the chute and excludes the use of traditional fasteners.


Improved safety

with easy access from inside

Increased uptime

liner design provides longer wear life

Maintenance from wear side
Maintenance from wear side

For crusher discharge vaults, the Metso Xlok system is our preferred solution. It is a tough modular liner system designed to be accessed only from the inside of the chute. Xlok increases the wear performance of the area and reduces the maintenance work and reline time. Each individual liner can be easily handled and installed with replaceable fasteners for each new installation.

Shorter and safer maintenance

These features will typically provide significant benefits over traditional vault liner systems:

  • Xlok single-bolt liners are modular, quick to install and easy to remove
  • Hot works in confined spaces to cut out or weld in liners can be eliminated
  • The Xlok rockbox liner design provides significantly longer liner wear life over a flat liner, further reducing the number of shutdowns and overall maintenance required, making this an ideal solution to install in crusher vaults and other hard-to-access areas of the operation
Shorter and safer maintenance
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